Sanwa mounting plate screw size

Anyone know what size screws attach the mounting plate to the sanwa JLF’s joystick body? I took the mounting plate off my JLF and now I can’t find the screws to put it back on; need to know the size so I can go buy the damn things at home depot :frowning:

These are the screws that attach the metal mounting plate to the black plastic housing of the JLF.

I looked around already but I couldn’t find the answer.


Get some M3 (3mm) screws of .5mm Pitch at length of 8 or 10mm.
SRK Member MnShredder recommend 8mm because it seems 10mm touch the PCB.

For the nuts, get M3 (3mm) of .5mm Pitch.

I can confirm that M3 are the correct screws :slight_smile:

btw… I tried Home Depot and no luck… bought 2 screws, 1 is too big, and 1 is too small… not sure bout what size though… need to check when home

thanks for the responses guys but those M3 3mm screws are too small

im talking about those 4 screw holes closes to the joystick shaft. it looks like 4mm or something?

You are using nuts to secure?

I guess if you would like to find them, I picked mine up @ the trading outlet. They should be M3 screws for the one that are close to the shaft.

One thing to remember is that anything assembled outside of the US uses metric screws. Almost everything in the US is standard. So places like Home Depot and Lowes mainly sell standard screws. That’s why you never have the correct sized screw.

Don’t waste your time at Home Depot or Lowes.

I got my m3, 0.5 pitch, 8mm screws at ACE HARDWARE.

They have a huge section in my area of nuts/screws.

Screw: m3, 0.5 pitch, 8mm
Nut: m3, 0.5 pitch

All less than 1 dollar together.


^ This, I find everything I need at ACE.

Thank god I can finally find these screws now.

I was so bloody impatient that I actually SUPERGLUED my stick to the mounting plate.

Seriously. And it worked.

Still a horrible choice though.