Sanwa OBS* 24mm, in Dark Hai (Gray)?


I’ve seen that these plungers exist, on a few sticks from Sanwa’s Twitter feed; however, I cannot find an online store that sells 'em. Does anyone have a good lead? I’ve tried Akihabara, Focus Attack, Paradise, etc., and can only find Dark Hai (Gray) plungers in 30mm.



they were only really available in a few HORI sticks. namely the hrap v3-sa (also the umvc3 hrap v3-sa).


Also in that Guilty Gear Xrd stick I think.


Yea, I think that’s the stick that I saw 'em in. Kind of a shame if they don’t have 'em available though. I couldn’t imagine 'em so undesirable as to not put a bunch into production.

But hey, if anyone reads this and has some, I’ll pay ya well for em! :slight_smile:


I’ve got one of these from my v3sa. Didn’t know these are rare!


Kinda annoying, but yea. So… Ya got one or two to sell?


I’ve only got the one to sell if you’re down. Also saw ps4 te-s+ has hai/black 24mm!


The ps4 TES+ has dark hai but they are 30mm. The 24mm ones on the back are white and I don’t think those are even sanwa.


No way bro. They’re undoubtedly authentic sanwa. But you are right about them being white :frowning:


They looked a bit different but upon double checking it does seem the ones on the back are sanwa. The white for some reason makes them look a bit thicker than the other 24mm buttons I had but upon comparing them side by side they are the same.

I’m sort of disappointed that there are no dark hai 24mm, since I’d like to use them for a hitbox layout. Maybe someone could make custom plungers?