Sanwa OBS-30A vs. Sanwa OBSF-30RG

Hello all. New user here. Just got into the world of arcade sticks recently. My main use for it is for retro arcade games such as those on CPS2 and Neo Geo. I have an Eightarc Fusion as my first stick, and was kind of disappointed with the stock parts. I could not go a full minute without my admittedly very large hands accidentally activating an incredibly light button by accident, to effects such as tagging out my partner by accident on Marvel vs. Capcom. In addition, repeated firing was nearly impossible on shmups due to the very shallow engage distance.

I have since switched to all Seimitsu parts - an LS-56 with an octagonal gate (this isn’t only for fighting games!) and PS-14-G buttons. I’m not unhappy with this setup - it alleviates a lot of my irritation with the stock Sanwa parts - but I feel like it could be better, especially for retro stuff. I’ve pretty much decided on a Sanwa JLW-UM battop for the stick (I will make sure my Eightarc has threads for that mounting plate first, of course) and Sanwa buttons using Omron microswitches.

Google yielded no results for such a comparison. I can only read that the OBSF-30RG resembles an OBSF-30 except with bottom engagement, and that the OBS-30A is similar to a Happ switch in force and feel. I am leaning towards the OBS-30A, since I prefer a stiffer switch (I type on Cherry MX Green switches), but I’d like to hear from someone who has tried them both out.

OBS-30A’s are not really similar to happ switches, there is a 25g difference in force but it does affect the feel of it. The buttons can be swapped for cherrys, but they will probably feel like sanwas just with the tactile click. I’ve used MX Greens on keyboards and buttons but stock OBS-As are much stiffer and rise relatively quickly on depress. I personally think they are good for music games and shmups for fun when you mash for manual rapid, but I feel the cherry mod is a better general switch to use.

RGs will do you good for shmups with the lower engage distance, but they are relatively light. These are easier to find right now with selling them, but you will need to import OBS-30As at a fairly high price. The two places I know are, which has been criticized recently for the lack of response and slow shipping times in comparison to before (they still do operate and there are those who order and receive what they wanted). Also there is which sells them on their site and ebay, but the price is still high.

If you can, I’d recommend using the sanwa buttons that were stock and ordering the OBS-M switches independently. Or try to make and 3d print your own :stuck_out_tongue:

Gamerfinger buttons with cherry mx blacks.

I’d love to try the OBS-M switches before buying them. Can an OBS-M switch be fitted into an OBSF-30 without any mechanical modification? It’d be interesting to see how difficult it is to pull of a fierce Thousand Hand Slap with it.

I’d like further explanation on the claim that a Cherry MX Green is stiffer than the OBS-M switch. RoboKrikit [claims](Japanese Buttons with Cherry Switches about 75 grams on the OBS-M, which is less than the MX Green’s 80 grams. What is the OBS-M’s engage distance?

OBS-Ms are the OBS-30/24A’s switch assembly. They work in OBSF/C/Q-30 and 24 without modification. They also fit Seimitsu PS-14-K as well.

Cheryy MX Green should be rated at 80g. The switch that RoboKrikit uses is a cherry KWJ, which is rated at 75g. I know he stated that the switch is approx. 75g for the stock switch, but if you look on the data sheet for the stock omron used it will be different (also feels slightly stiffer that 75g, but thats sujective). The omron switch that is stock inside the OBS-M is the Omron V-10-1A4, rated at an operating force of 1N, which correlates to roughly 100g (rounding gravity from 9.8 to 10 m/s^2). I measured the distance it took for the switch and is was about 1mm, so half of cherry mxs.

I’ll need to look into modding the Sanwa OBSF-30RG with a stiffer spring, if the engage distance is that short on the OBS-30A. A bit disappointed by that.

The button’s stiffness itself makes up for that. I guess it could be similar to playing on an american style button, just with a bit more of a tactile feel since there is a lack of a spring and stiffer switch. You’d need to try to activate this button when you rest your hand on it.

I played on OBS-M assemblies for a while. I didn’t notice enough of a didfference from the 100gf Omron switches to the 75gf Cherry switches. I actually kind of likes the 100gf because it was a bit closer to Western style buttons. The difference is there is no spring to add tension like in Western buttons, all the tension comes direct from the switch and not the combination of switch + spring.

They feel good and even softer ones don’t feel anything like normal Sanwa buttons. If you want a switch that will never accidentally activate then the OBS-M assemblies are a good choice. They won’t ever let you down.

However, I did switch to RG switches because I like how they feel. I still think I need to perfect the mod a little, but indeed, I like them.

Thanks for all of the replies. I do have a few more important question: How is the tactile feel on each of them? Does either have a click similar to a Happ or a mechanical keyboard? Does the OBSF-30RG have any resistance before engaging? I appreciate the input as this is going to be a costly upgrade.

RG buttons have more resistance, or at least, a more consistent resistance than normal Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons. They also neutralize faster. They aren’t as stiff as HAPP or other Western style buttons.

If you get the OBS-M assemblies then they will have the tactile click and be similar enough to Western buttons if you are already familiar with them.

This method is very expensive though.

Both are really though when you think about it… RGs are $6 a pop from PAS, and OBS-Ms are about $5 from AkihabaraShop, or ~$6 from arcade world UK pre-shipping.

@Moonchild‌ you should fix this with your big switch model :wink:

Yeah but all my CAD stuff is on the back burner at the moment.

BTW, the cost of the RG’s plus shipping from PA is way way cheaper than getting the OBS-M assembly for $4 or 5 each from Akishop and then their shipping costs. Plus, it takes 8 weeks for them to arrive, when you could have your RG’s for cheaper from PAS in a week.

Well shipping would be about the same at around 5 or 6 dollars equivalent of yen, but yea the time isn’t worth it… and arcadeworlduk isn’t really price efficient either. I wish somebody in the US could stock these, but I guess dreaming right now is good too.

Well, your guys’ little side conversation managed to convince me to get OBSF-30RG’s. I initially wanted to get the OBS-30A. Maybe I’ll grow to like them; after all, the lack of tactile feedback is the only real issue I have with PS-14G buttons, and if the RG’s are stiffer than those, engage at the bottom, and have a good tactile feel, then they might actually be more preferable than the 30A’s.

Thanks again!

RG’s engage about the middle of the press from what I recall. I’m actually using a mod that has them engage much closer to the top. Dangerously close.

First of all here’s the customary old thread WFYG:

Hey @Moonchilde do you know if any of these sticks are deep enough to use the OBSN-30RG’s or OBS-30B’s on without cutting:

[] HRAP T5
[] MC TE Round 1
] MC V.S. Edition
[] ASCII Stick FT
] Agetec Dreamcast Stick
[] Sega HSS-0136
] Official HitBox (Just for UP :stuck_out_tongue: )[/list]

HRAP T5 can probably be used without modding and TE for sure with modding. You may have to bend the terminals sideways or so. I’m not sure about the others. As long as they’re about as deep without anything blocking the way, it should be fine.

Awesome, thank you sir, glad I’ve got some options. B)

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