Sanwa OBSF-30 Casing swap... possible?


Hey guys, looking to see if it is possible to swap out or take apart the casing for the OBSF-30 for color swapping the casing. I wont some black casing with white buttons and white casing with black buttons. Instead of buying them premade that way is there any way for me to take those apart and just swap the casing?


Yeah, just be careful not to break the tabs when removing the plungers.


There are two small tabs that you can see through openings perpendicular to the snap in tabs. You need to press those in and pull the plunger out. Then you can swap until your heart is content.


Just be sure to use a light and gentle touch. You’re messing with some sensitive plastic down there. Be especially careful with the tabs. When assembling it back together, I find that a small dab of mineral grease on moving parts tend to make it a bit easier to deal with.