Sanwa OBSF-30 Mismatch Colors?

I wondering if you guys knew a place I could order some Sanwa OBSF-30 (silent ones would be even better) that I could mismatch some of the colors around. I’ve seen the black rims with different button tops but what I was really interested in was getting White rims with Blue tops. Did you guys know of any places online I could work this out? It would be a big help to point me in the right direction instead of going through the time and money of buying 2 sets of 8 buttons just to switch them around.

Focusattack does that. You have to put the buttons together yourself, but…

I believe Focus Attack has stopped offering the mix and match plungers and rims. I know GreminSolutions offers mix and match but they’re located in the UK so the shipping price might be a deal breaker. There are also sellers on ebay that have premade sets of mix matched buttons sells the production white-rimmed OBSF-30 buttons with the different plunger colors but that’s in Japan, of course.

Most of the vendors do not stock the white-rimmed buttons because they’re not as popular as black-rimmed buttons. (The black-rimmed buttons are almost always available at different vendors.) People usually have to buy the two colors they want in mixed types and pop the plungers and create their mixed-buttons that way. That’s what I did for my black-rimmed OBSF-24’s years ago.

Face it… Sanwa doesn’t offer as much variety as Seimitsu in color combinations.

As far as the silent buttons go, you’re better off buying the color buttons you want and THEN buying the silencer pads separately. They’re easy enough to install. Paradise Shop is selling their own design silencers which according to people who have used them are better than the official Sanwa silencer pads.

As @agent_nomnom said, Gremlin (aka ArcadeWorld UK) provide that service:

And I’d second @GeorgeC’s suggestion of Paradise Arcade’s silencer pads - they’re better than the Sanwas.