Sanwa OBSF 30 questions

Just wondering, do OBSF 30’s come in both screw ins and also snap ins?

I ordered OBSF 30’s so I could mod my Agetec, but the screw nut is too big for the button wells.

So did I get the screw kind because I didn’t specify snap ins, or did I get shipped the wrong kind of buttons? And is there anyway to use screw ins on the DC agetec stick?

screws ins work perfectly fine on agetec, i have screw ins on mine its a semi-tight squeeze but it works fine.
but obsf30s come in snap ins too.

Do you not use the orange nut at all? Because the orange part that screws around the ridges of the button is waaaayyyy too big to fit inside the well around the button.

iirc, snap in is OBSF and screw in is OBSN. If you have the orange nut, then you have obsn’s. If you ordered OBSF’s, they shipped you the wrong thing.

you may not believe it at first but you can indeed use screw in’s. it’s hard as hell and a really tight fit especially when you get to the last few buttons but it’s possible.

edit: i’m sorry i really shoulda mentioned that i modded a hrap1 which uses old Japanese cab 2P side layout:

on the other hand if your stick uses japanese arcade cabinet layout like the hrap2 then you probably should take note of the info posted in the hrap faq section about that particular button layout:

although i never actually tried mounting screw ins on such a layout so i’m not really sure.
use nuts seimitsu

interesting …so the sanwa nuts are too big to fit them next to each other and you have to throw the smaller seimitsu nuts in between?
also , which stick is that ? doesnt look like sanwa or seimitsu either

I ordered an Agetec stick lately, and was thinking about doing the same thing as the original poster. To those who have done it before, how much work is required with using snap-ins? Do they fit easily, or would I have to ‘make room’ somehow?

You cant use sanwa or seimitsu screw-ins without modifying the case. As the original poster mentioned the button wells are not big enough to accommodate the sanwa and seimitsu screw-ins.

Its possible to attach the screw-ins and secure them using there screw nuts but you would have to remove the metal face plate. This will allow the nut to catch the last few threads on the buttons.

@ grimm_demize

The sanwa OBSF-30s snap-ins fit in well without the need to modify the plastic case. The only thing that would need to be tweaking would be the size of the button holes on the metal face plate.

OSBF Snap in

OSBN Screw in

think of it like this

this N in OSBN can stand for Nut, that helps me remember

SF = “Snap Fast”

SN = “Screw nut”

Or atleast thats what I can infer.

just get a dremel.
and cut off the wells

once thats done
sanwa and seimitsu fit fine.

Okay, I got the Agetec stick in the mail today. It goes without saying that I’m already less than satisfied with the stock parts (the stick isn’t so bad, but the buttons tend to be kind of sticky. I’m used to happ competition buttons, so maybe this feeling is normal?).

In regards to modifying the metal faceplate to allow the swapping of buttons, what exactly will I need for this? I’ve never modified a stick before, and I’ve never worked with Japanese parts either.

Go to, there is an entire tutorial on it. Basically the buttons are just a bit too fat to fit inside the metal faceplate, so you sand it down around all the edges just a bit until it fits.

Its easier than you’d think Grim and kowal provided some excellent links to use.

If you have any questions about modding your Agetec with Sanwa parts feel free to PM me, as I have just finished doing my mod not to long ago and would be glad to help you out.

Buddy this thread is two years old, why did you bump it. :rofl:

I have modded about 5 agetec sticks now.

haha i was about to reply with a picture of my sanwa nuts in the agetec (no homo) i’d like to see your sticks airthrow.

Do snap-ins need a specified hole modification or will they fit in any right sized circular hole?

Sorry, im new to sticks.

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