Sanwa obsf-30 switch question.(Please Close) Thanks guys

Hi I was wondering if there’s a website that sell only the little black switch that comes with the Sanwas buttons, I imagine that it would be a lot cheaper than buying the entire new button.

I hope I’m explaning my self right, any help is appreciated thanks.

EDIT: I added a picture :woot:

I only know of Akihabara Shop, but that is overseas.

You could try the Trading Outlet on SRK. shrug

hit up Chad at LizardLick… he might carry them.

If you mean this
Sanwa OBS-30, 30mm Plunger, Black

He’s out of stock. He said his shipment from Japan will be here next week.

He has greys in stock.

Nope, I think it’s the microswitch part of the Sanwa button. Removed it from the button’s rim…

correct, picture added

The only one is sells em. if you’re going to order from them, have some patients and it’ll eventually get to your door.


I remember TRNG saying something about the site ads or something be popping up. the guy’s link above should’ve worked. hmmm

awesome, would you have the direct link to the item by any chance? My browser at work doesn’t work well with their website.

You could buy from Ponyboy.

I don’t know if he likes when people buy SW-68 without Rollie buttons. But he has them for sale.

Thank you, for your help as well.

Here’s a direct link to the OBSF-30s on

Just click the smaller drop down box and pick SW-68. has them too.

Sanwa Switch, SW-68 -

Great thank you very much.

Well it looks like it’s mission completed, thanks everybody for helping me out. I have already contacted Pony and it looks like we are good. So mods please close.