Sanwa OBSF 30mm buttons+balltop, PiiWee+Wiimote extension


(6) Sanwa OBSF 30mm pushbuttons - Black Rim and Red Balltop

$15 Shipped

PiiWee+Wiimote extension bundles. Never used. $15 shipped per bundle.

All prices are shipped to the Continental US. I ship out when your money clears to my bank account. This may take 3-4 days to occur.

Arcade stick tatsunoko vs capcom works on xbox 360?

Anything wrong with it?


Very good stick esp. for the price. Good luck on the sale. I’d probably buy it if it were cheaper, but I know you already set your price.


Some scratches here and there and it was well-used before I picked up the TTT2 stick at PAX East. Everything functions as normal.


MOGA added.


First and last price drop on the stick and Mobile Controller before the inevitable ebay method.


Payment sent for stick.


Stick sold, MOGA still for sale.


Hey, I want the MOGA controller if you still have it for sale. I got the $20.00 bucks right now.



Email you there?


Send the money to the paypal account associated with that e-mail address and give me your physical address- and I’ll send out the controller ASAP.


Ok. So I give my mailing address via what? A message here?


I sended my mailing address via email to you. Please check your inbox. Thanks.


USPS # 9505 5109 3439 3136 3670 82


Ok. Check your yahoo inbox.


Items added!


Price drop on both items before Craigslist and Ebay respectively.


Craigslist was a bust. Selling the xbox without the hard drive and dropping the price on the TE.


I’ll trade one of the new madcatz fightstick pros for the bundle? It’s the newest one out red white and black, got it at ufgt still basically new