Sanwa OBSF/OBSFS, JLF/JLF-TRG-8YTH.SK differences/modding


So, I’ve just seen these “silent” variations of the JLF and OBSF on and had some questions.

  1. How does the silent JLF-TRG feel compared to the JLF? Do the microswitches push in gradually, or can you still feel it click into place, just the sound isn’t as loud? Any other observations?

  2. What are the actual hardware differences between the JLF and JLF-TRG? Is it just the same joystick with different microswitches? I’ve found a place that sells the microswitches used in the JLF-TRG. How difficult would it be to mod a JLF to be identical to a JLF-TRG? Could you just desolder the original microswitches and solder on the new ones?

  3. Same question with the original OBSF and the silent OBSFS buttons. Is there any difference in the performance or microswitches, or is the only difference that the silent OBSFS have a foam ring inside them?

  4. The OBSFS aren’t available in clear from - could I order some clear OBSF and replace the button and plunger on the OBSFS?