Sanwa OBSM Hole Plug on Wood Panels?

On LL’s site it mentions them being great for metal panels but not recommended for wood.

Would the Sanwa Hole Plug not stay put in a wood panel? Is there a hole plug that will fit snugly inside a wood panel?

Or is the Yenox Hole Plug a better option for wooden panels?

EDIT: Since LL is closed for orders if anyone has (2) Hole Plugs they’re willing to sell, PM me

i’d of thought it would be for the fact people will steal them in an arcade environement possibly, they are deep enough to fit in wood without an issue and you could always add a bit of wood glue or hotmelt glue to secure it in place if needed

should be fine matey

Do it the ghetto way get like a business card and lay it over the holes n tape it .lol i did

lol yeah I guess that would work.

Since I can’t buy any hole plugs for a while I’ll try to think of something that I could use instead. Hopefully something plastic so that I don’t accidentally poke my finger through lol.