Sanwa OBSN-30 Colors

I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find OBSN-30’s in black. Do they come in this color?



Only the OBSF do unfortunately :frowning:

Is painting a button a bad idea?..

I’m pretty sure you CAN paint them, may not look the best or last very long though.

I’d say so, just because you’ll be pressing and beating the thing so much. Eventually the paint will chip and begin to come off.

siemitsu makes black snap in, I have 6 new ones if you’d like to buy them.

OBSN’s are screw in’s, im guessing hes looking for them. Even if not, there are black OBSF’s (Sanwa Snap in’s).

Here’s the deal with BLACK OBSF or OBSN in general. They are new and sanwa only started making them because there have been request here and there from suppliers. The thing is, suppliers can’t get their hands on them unless they order a shit load. Which means as sanwa makes more black obsf or obsn i don’t even know if they started making obsn yet, then it’ll be come more accessible in the coming years.

sorry, my bad.

Another question. To avoid making a new thread, I’ll ask here.

I’m about to buy 11 buttons, and a joystick from Starcab. The total is about 84 USD. 30 dollars of that is shipping costs. That seems exorbitant to me. Would you consider this fair pricing, or should I go somewhere else?

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yes lizard lick has them now, may 11

Again, OBSF-30’s. Lizard Lick have Sanwa Snap In’s (OBSF) in black. Screw ins (OBSN) do not come in this colour.

That seems a tad pricey for postage. I dont know what postages rates are like in the US or whether this is usual for Starcab, but the postage for my six OBSN-30’s, three OBSN-24’s, joystick, extra gate and 5 pin connector came to under 5 from Gremlin Solutions. Im guessing that works out somewhere between $7-8. Received it in a day as well so was sent first class.

EDIT: Didnt realise Starcab was located in Europe (Assumed it was a US based store). Gremlin are UK based so it cost me next to nothing. I would do as Evelgest suggests and check the prices with Aki. If its less, be quick to get your order in in case the store has to stop taking orders again.

Judging by his signature, I think this is his idea of trolling.

I think its an attempt at redemption :rolleyes:

Go on AkiShop, add the same items, and see how much EMS or Airmail would be. Compare. $30 seems a bit exorbitant. I’d say EMS from AkiShop would be around $22.

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