Sanwa OBSN-30 on mdf 12mm


Hi all, only a question: my control panel was build on a 12mm mdf, i want change the chinese buttons with sanwa buttons (love fighting game), i look at measures and the space screw of OBSN-30 is 17mm, 17mm - 12mm (mdf) = 5mm screw, is enough ? can i mount that ? I also tought about buying OBSF-30 with clips, clip on plexiglass and after insert all in the wood but i don’t know… any suggest ? ( no metal CP thx)


Ps: Sorry my english.


5mm should be enough, but OBSF may also work if the fit is snug.

I have snap ins in a similar thickness panel, and they are fine.


Thanks for reply, but i don’t understand how the clip of OBSF can be “stuck” if the space of the clip is only 2-4mm ?


It doesn’t clip over the edge in this situation but the clips hold tension on the sides of the hole. I don’t recommend doing this with OBSC buttons as the plastic is more brittle.


@iNENDOi means like this:

GREEN is your 12mm wood panel, BLUE are the snap-in tabs. It’s going to be hard to remove the button in the future because you have no access to the tabs.


He can use a flat screwdriver to push the tabs from the interior of the case.


Even then, thats a snug fit.

the screw in OBSN-30 or screw in Seimitsu buttons would be more appropriate.
If you go with OBSN-30s I migth sugets you use the Seimtisu nuts as they are thinner so more of the nut threads onto the button’s body.
Also the Seimitsu nuts are not as wide so you can stick your buttons closer together.

I usually end up snapping off the tabs with my huge happ hands any ways.


Ok, so

  1. OBSN with Seimitsu screw (very good idea, thanks darksakul !)
  2. OBSF with hard remove for the clip (my main concern was that instead he took off easily LOL)

Thanks guys, you’ve been very kind