Sanwa or Seimitsu ?

I am going to be buying some new buttons for my TE here in a week or so and I am trying to decide which buttons I want to get. I bought this TE used and the buttons were kind of worn when I got it, and before it I had a cheap Hori Ex 2 so I really don’t know what good Sanwas feel like.

I do know I don’t like how sensitive the Sanwa and I am not sure if I will like the flatness of the Seimitsu but I don’t really know without having tried them out.

So I am here looking for what people have to say about each to help me make my decision.

I personally don’t like Seimitsu buttons because they feel kind of rubbery(coulda just been cause it was a really hot day) and “cheap” to me.

No one can answer this for you because it’s 100% about what you like the feel of better.

But, since you’re asking anyway I’d say go for Sanwa. I know people who have bought Seimitsu buttons so they could put art under them then finished it all up and realized they hated the way they feel and switched back to Sanwa.

That’s my opinion.

Ever since I switched to Seimitsu on my HRAP 3 I’ve been unable to find myself fully comfortable with Sanwas.

The only Seimitsu buttons that have the really flat feel are the PS-14-Gs (ie the ones used in the HRAP EX-SE stick). The most commonly used buttons (PS-14-KN) have a convex surface. I have a stick with them and love them. If you’re not a fan of the sensitivity of Sanwas, then they’re definitely worth checking out.

Seimitsu have a slightly harder spring, just enough to be able to feel the difference, but not too stiff to where it is hard to push the button. The flatness of Seimitsu’s I do not even notice compared to Sanwa, that is negligible. I suggest that you get the PS-14-GN with transparent centers to put artwork in them if you want.

He means convex.

Sounds good guys, I think I am going to give the Seimitsu a try, even though they are a dollar more at lizard lick lol I am a budget gamer :slight_smile:

I use both regularly, and while I prefer Seimitsu sticks the buttons don’t make a whole ton of difference to me. I have had accidental activations with Sanwa buttons though.

Actually now that I think about it, I really do like the flat Seimitsu buttons but my favorites are my white Pearl Seimitsus PS-14-P.

if you know someone who has both sets of joystick/buttons. give it a try before buying.

sanwa buttons >>>>>> everything else

seimitsu ls32 joystick >> everything else

personal opinion of course. sanwa buttons are godlike as is though. I wouldnt even bother with anything else.

I build my custom with Seimitsu button and I loved them. But as soon as I bought a TE I’ve learned to love Sanwa buttons. Honestly, they’re both great but my next custom will have Sanwa’s.

Everyone has a different opinion on this. Sometimes the same person’s opinion is different every time this thread comes up. :slight_smile:

Try Seimitsu Pk-14-GNs, they’re the same price, if you’re not going for the transparent feel. THough, it’s great for the aesthetic appeal, if you like the buttons to have the artwork inside of them, or some nice LED mods. So, it’s a benefit to get Seimitsu. Of course, Sanwa are way better if your hand is lighter on the buttons. Some people think they’re TOO sensitive, though.

Also, to the guy who was all Sanwa Pushbuttons and Seimitsu LS-32, I have to say, I’m the opposite. Heh. I’d love an LS-32 if they made octogates ;P. And no way do I want a huge LS-56. I’m just for the JLF. To each his own, though.