Sanwa or Seimitsu?

What Stick and Buttons are better Sanwa or seimitsu and what are the differences?
And how does the new PCB change the SSF4 TE Sticks?
Thnak you for your help.

check out the 2nd post

i’m pretty sure you will get more technical responds if you ask in that thread instead

I use full Sanwa. Button-wise, Seimitsu is somewhat less sensitive than Sanwa, so if you find yourself resting your fingers and accidentally knocking the buttons a lot Seimitsu is probably better for you. As far as the sticks go, I’ve only used Sanwa.

No one is better than the other. Just a matter of preference. Just read the thread 3rd Strike mentioned.

what about microswitches? Are Sanwa or Seimitsu microswitches better?

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