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Does anyone have any experience ordering from this company? They have something I REALLY want.

I checked and saw some good reports over on

I saw the same. Blast City here I come!!

Hahaha, we’re trying to do the same exact thing! I’ve been watching the same exact panel on eBay, they’re called NCL unique craft on eBay. I was watching that blast city panel and then all of a sudden their account got deleted so I e-mailed them directly. Not very good english for the first reply, and after I sent them another reply, I never heard back from them. They eventually re-established their account and here’s their eBay profile:

They don’t have that blast city panel up for sale any more but it looks like they have some good feedback, but I’m still skeptical. I’m debating between excellent, akihabara, and the trading outlet guys for a panel to put into my astro city. It’s looking like I’m gonna be dealing with khmerdroopy ( in the trading outlet to fabricate my panel, let me know if you do decide to go with excellent as I’m curious to see what their service is like as well.

Wow, looks like they are selling Sanwa sticks for 360 and PS3. I wonder if they’re any good…

I was following the same auction .

You know, Lizard lick sells one that’s been laser cut for $49. I almost bought it, but something inside of me wants the official panel and artwork. I’m not even sure I would want to take the chance of misapplying $50 artwork from Mame Marquee if I bought a raw panel.

The PS3 stick is at a very reasonable price, and includes sanwa parts apparently. Their shipping isn’t too bad either if you choose airmail.

Come to think of it, the prices on buttons and JLFs are hella cheap compared to everywhere else.

I may be wrong, so don’t quote me here, but I swear I heard some bad reviews about those PS3 and 360 sticks…

They look identical in build to the sticks shown in that chinese-made stick thread that’s been around… niking or something, with the start/sel/guide buttons on the bottom portion and those rubbery suction cup feet

I dont know… I read “About Us” and they dont even specify where they are located and they dont have any real “phone numbers”… Do not ever buy online stuff from websites that dont have their address and phone number listed. my word of advice.

excellentcom is good stuff

That’s what I want to hear. Now I just have to decide between them and Aki for the Blast City panel. Either way it’s a good $240-$260USD. At the rate, I might as well buy the damn vewlix… hmmm

In markmans words, I trust.

I know the people on order arcade PCBs from EC all the time. They are legit.

^If the word comes from Markman, they must be truth!
Hmm, a new stick to my collection here you come…

They’re joysticks don’t seem to have any options, harnesses, or mounting plates.

Yes. is fast, and their parts were really cheap the last time I checked. They don’t really have everything though. They’re usually short on some colors and stuff.

wow, they have sanwa buttons for only two dollars each…hmmmm so tempted to buy some :wgrin:

order it and tell us how it went!

Their communication has been shit in my 3 experiences with them. One time I was sold a heavily censored korean version of Last Blade 2 when it was advertised as a legit japanese version. They wouldn’t even answer my request for a return on the day it arrived.

Someone on #srksnk (forget the nick) mentioned buying a new arcana 2 kit only to have it not work and no replies from anyone at

I asked about a pcb price referring to a stock list that was a month old and they informed me that the price has gone up from $138 to $180. Then they sent me a stock list the same day with the price at $200. I’m not upset over their pricing but it doesn’t exactly make them look organized.

What would happen if they see the kind of business that lizardlick and akihabarashop see? Would they keep people up to date if their orders get delayed?

Many people have had good experiences with them though, and their shipping from hong kong is very reliable and cheap. I don’t plan on giving them any more business though.