Sanwa Parts for Canadians


Are there any websites that sell sanwa parts in Canada. It’s just that the shipping rates from the US to Canada are ridiculous. Also, what kind of gate would you guy’s recommend to person new to arcade sticks?


Really? Lizard Lick only charges about $7 to send a couple buttons or PCB and it’s under $10 to ship a stick, and I’m in Australia.

Gate choice comes down to a matter of preference, what game you’re playing and what character(s) you use. Try using the search.


You should try looking around for local stores first, ask around @ your local arcades where they get their parts. I got my parts from my local Playdium, though their colour selection sucks =/ but it saves money =P

If you’re looking for gates, it’s all just preference, but you should just try using the square gate that comes with the stick as it is pretty accurate.


lol local arcades

those don’t exist anymore… You must live in Mississauga since thats the only playdium in ontario… lucky you, i used to live there too now its about a 6 hr journey for me to get there, not to mention bus fare/gas prices or what have you. I gladly payed the shipping as i viewed it as a convienience fee.


I knew arcades were dying, but is it really that bad? I live close to an Asian community, arcades aren’t plentiful but they still exist so I kinda assumed they were still in other places.

But yeah getting it shipped ain’t a bad choice either, I actually ordered my stick at lizardlicks (still awaiting arrival… >.<) and bought my buttons at Playdium.


The Playdium out there has gone down under.

I read of another in Toronto in Dragon Centre (Glen Watford Dr/Sheppard Ave) that has joystick components. However, they seem to be over priced and I would rather wait then get it from them (then again, I have my own stick…)