Sanwa parts for sale $17



2 dark blue 24mm snap-ins (SOLD)
Octogonal GT-Y restrictor plate (SOLD)
Dark blue meshball (SOLD)


Damn man, I just neeeeeed a GT-Y. If anyone wants to split it up, I’m in for the restricter.


You in norcal whereabouts?


If your near Vallejo come pick it up for 5 dollars. I’ll split it up.


on hold


do you still have the meshball? if so I’d like to buy it!


Thanks for the offer cue… I’m in Sacramento, so that’s a bit of a cruise for a $5 part… but I did THINK about it! :tup:


Pics of meshball? I’m interested in the lot, or even the lot minus the GT-Y. Let me know the price if you sell the GT-Y seperately.


if KOAB purchases everything but the GT-Y ill take the GT-Y off your hands


I gots dibs, son!! :nunchuck:


I’ll take it all if avail still. PM/msg me. Thanks.


SOLD please close