Sanwa Parts in Houston?

Hey whats goin on shoryuken… im new to this site and came here to ask for some help… (knew this would be the place for that)… anyway im trying to mod my SE street fighter joystick and was wondering if any places in houston sell sanwa parts. (i really dont feel like ordering them and just wanna go get them first hand)

  • i thought about just going to a local arcade place and just ask them for their extra joysticks and buttons but im not too sure how they would react with that… and also a NOOB question… lol… are sanwa buttons the same as the actual arcade buttons for marvel vs capcom 2?..

thanx for any help in advance and i hope i didnt break any rules or whatever…

You will probably need to order the parts online, the quickest being or also, most MvC2 arcade cabs use Happ/iL buttons

Hey intentionallyhoed. There is no place in houston that sells sanwa parts.
HA Franz in downtown Houston sells American/Happ parts which are the ones usually used in MVC2 cabinets.

damn that sux man… are u from houston?.. and whats this HA franz place your talkin about?.. im not too sure about the whole lingo… but are you basically sayin tryna to go to the arcade place and gettin their buttons and joystick wouldnt work for this mod?

also askin fwirth

:u: You could always PM Ajthemishima and see if he has any extra parts :rofl:

But other than that then nope…you’re gonna have to go through online. What exactly are you looking for?

is that guy in houston?.. i think i seen that thread earlier before i was a member and believe he mighta sold all the parts already…

actually im not even TOO sure what im lookin for cause i dont kno the full details on any of these parts… just been hearin about these sanwa buttons… which i never even felt in my life i dont think… i was trying to see if i could get the actual arcade buttons for my stick but if not just get some good buttons and an american joystick (meanin not the ones with the ball top… the ones u can actually grip like the reg arcade)

had my SE stick for like 2-3 weeks and all the buttons are jammed a bit… like if i press short jab twice… it’ll only count as if i hit it once and its pissin me the hell off makin me look like a noob not finishing combos and ish… lol i hate it

Yes im from Houston. HA Franz is a store located in downtown, look it up. Last time i went they had Happ parts which are way different tthat sanwa parts as far as specs go. I dont know/think they will fit in your SE stick.

Sanwa parts fit in the SE stick you just have to swap them. Ive order sanwa parts on here and gotten my shipment in 3-4 days everytime.

Also, i doubt any arcade place will sell u their sanwa parts since they have to order their parts as well. and they have to constantly replace parts when players say their buttons arent working bc they misseda combo. lol

yeah i was thinkin they probably wouldnt… but then again i was gonna like pull someone to the side and throw them some extra cash if u kno what i mean lmao…
but yea so even if i got the parts from the actual arcade i wouldnt be able to throw them in my SE stick?

and where did u order them from off of here?

Only Sanwa and Seimitsu parts will fit an an SE arcade stick. Don’t hope that you can screw in Happ and IL parts in your SE and for it to just work. I’m not sure what the difference is if you get them first hand or order them, if you get them first hand you will have a limited selection.

I suggest you get a JLF or (LS-56 with MS plate) for a stick. LS-56 has stiffer spring. Sanwa or Seimitsu Snapins. Seimitsu butons have harder springs so they feel less sensitive.

You can get screw in seimitsu’s but the LK nut will be harder to get in. usually gets his stuff shipped out and at your house within a week.

is JLF like the arcade type sticc?.. sorry all that just looks like mumbo jumbo to me lol sorry… but appreciate the info also

answer is here 1/3 the page down:

The Sanwa JLF is the arcade stick in primary use in Japanese cabinets, and feels kind of like your SE stick but is of superior quality.

If you are looking for a stick that would typically be found in an American arcade then that would be either, the Happ Competition/iL Eurostick (almost same stick design complicated history iL is better). This stick won’t fit in your SE.

Americans have bigger sticks than Japanese…when it comes to the bases.

Sorry, i just sold 6 obsfs and a white jlf so im all out of parts, i have a ls56 for sale though

If you ever been to Planetzero, they all use sanwa parts. I might have some spare parts laying around for sale.

I’ve ordered from ponyboy about 6-7 times and always get good service. Dont know if he is still selling. You should look in the trading outlet.

just checked and this is the spare stuff i have
New Seimitsu LS56(white)
(6) LNIB Seimitsu PS-14-GNs(white)
(2) used pink sanwa obsf

ponyboy used to be my main source of parts, but he only deals sanwa and IL mainly. has a far superior selection of parts and takes half if not if not less the time to get parts to you.

You really ought to read the stickies.

Hey my fellow Houston Gamers. Well, I have been ordering my arts all online as of late. No stores that I know of sell sanwa/seimitsu parts in houston. Now I don’t know if you hate the wait or don’t trust online shopping, but I am willing to order these parts for you and you can pick it up at my place with cash ready. All i Know is if you order online. Modchipman has fair prices and they always ship out right after you order. Lizardlick has the best deals but you usually have to wait 2 weeks after you order before they even sip it out. PM if you’d like me to order stuff for you. You wont even have to pay until you pick up the item :slight_smile: anyways besides that, hit me up for some street fighter games :slight_smile: If i can get enough of you guys, i’ll start hosting tournies at my place. There will be beer and chips :slight_smile:

Number-What side of town are you on? What about some KOF12 too? lol

:u: Agree…what side of town are you in? Fuck it – Beer and chips? I’m there lol.

i live on northwest side of town. hmm kof12? I’d have to start playing the game, but most the guys I know play SF4, SSF2THD, T6, and some currenly play BlazBlue. It’d be like a once a month thing considering beer and chips get expensive lol. Lately it’s been just casual gaming with me and my friends, but we need things to get more competitive and Planet Zero and Funplex just being overrun with little punks…no offense. Plus your own JS makes it all the better.