Sanwa Parts in Houston?

ill bring some mountaindew. I take it you have both ps3 and xbox360? Do you have tekken dr?

I’m only good at SF4 and BB. And by good I mean bad lol. I can always bring some chips or something too. Aren’t you on sw side AJ? Carpools >.>

I think I might be the only 3s player left on the southeast side… Somebody please tell me I’m wrong. :crybaby:

:u: I don’t play 3s as much as I used to…mainly cause my ps2 isn’t hooked up anymore. I’d love to start playing again though.

i think im considered west side. Beltway8 and westhiemer.
I got that old school DC. lol
3s, mvc2, cvs2, ikaruga(sp?), puzzle fighter, sfx, vampire chronicles, mr drill and all that other free stuff lol
I guess i can play some sf4, im down, havent touched it in awhile though.
Just curious, is anyone green friendly?

Edit- i can always bring a extra stick if you need one. I have 2 t5 sticks i modded with LS32’s and PS-14-GNs. And of course i have those inpins.