Sanwa Plungers on Hayabusa buttons


Yo peeps I’m a little new to the fighting game scene and got my first arcade stick a couple months back. I got a hori rap4 with the hayabusa lever and buttons. I wanted to mod the stick to have a green colour scheme but I can’t seem to find green plungers for a hayabusa buttons. I rather just buy those rather than getting new pushbuttons all together

So my question is … can I buy green 30mm OBSF sanwa plungers and just put them on my hayabusa or will there be compatibility issues like the buttons sitting to high or low? The only site I know atm is focusattack so if anyone has suggestions for somewhere with hayabusa plungers I’ll be super grateful


  1. Hori Hayabusa buttons only come in black, blue, red and white, as far as I know; (*** EDITED ***)

  2. I don’t think anywhere even sells Hayabusa button parts, only whole Hayabusa buttons;

  3. Unlikely that Sanwa plungers will fit; based on the pics in this thread (, the Hayabusa buttons are very physically different.


They also come in blue, red, and white unless this is something different.


No, you’re right. My info was outdated.
Thanks for letting me know!


I see, well at least now i know that Falcon and hayabusa are the same thing had no idea. From the pics the rim looks a lot different. At least I know that switching out the ball top is fine as long as its 35mm maybe I’ll order just a single plunger to see how to works since im planning to get a new green ball top regardless. I mean they both 30mm so technically there’s a chance it might work.

But thanks for your advice, appreciate it!


As far as I know, “Falcon” was an unofficial name used by some people in conversation to differentiate it from Hori’s lever/joystick, also called the “Hayabusa”.

Ball-tops are different because they’ll fit as long as the threading of the mount fits.
Plungers are a bit different. For example, Hori’s “Kuro” buttons have a larger face-size on their plungers than most buttons, so they wouldn’t fit into anything else.


It doesn’t work. I just tried it; the Hayabusa housing doesn’t have enough depth to fit the Sanwa plunger.

This line of logic doesn’t work. 30mm is merely the hole diameter that the button fits in. It has nothing to do with plunger size or rim size and doesn’t account for rim depth.


ohh didn’t consider that, yeah then the travel time to press the button would be unplayable if the plunger was way bigger than the depth of the rim. Thanks for the heads up

Edit: I might as well tell you what I had in mind. I wanted to have a ramlethal green theme for my hori rap4. Do you know what plungers would fit in my hayabusa buttons?
Or would just suggest I don’t be a cheapskate and just get myself 8 whole pushbuttons + 1 24mm for the options button? Help a noob out :smiley:


This. :slight_smile:


hahahahhahah alright alright, thanks for the advice bros!