Sanwa releases new type of ball top?

Starball? What? Looks nice, but I’d rather have clear buttons.

looks funky and really big. It must be for certain types of games. I’m not a fan of it.

Those are pretty huge. If they have em in 35mm then I might consider buying one.

I really like it, I hope there are smaller sizes for the standard JLF or the LS-32. Looks like a marble, really hip.

Click on the pic at Akihabara. There are a bunch of balls in plastic. They look like they could be smaller/standard balls for the JLF.

do want…

Like everyone else, I would like one if the were smaller.

I suppose there’s no better ball top for playing Magneto (or any other high-tier Jewish characters in MvC2 you might want to play) than one with a lime-green Star of David in it

Somebody get one of these and illuminate it and take a picture for the rest of us :party:

I was hoping that they where going to start making Sanwa Flashes again.

those balltop are going to be big hit. I too was hoping for sanwa flash01

reminds me of a dragonball

I wish I could make a custom clear ball top with something embalmed in it like the bowling ball from kingpin.

How pimp would that be for a rose player?

Nobody else thinks it’s… ugly? I mean it’s different, but… yeesh…

Yep… I’m not to stoked on that.

It’s looks pretty decent, and different.

We need more FLASH!

Think i’ll stick to bubble tops.

that isnt bad. But i would prefer skull head inside the balltop.:smokin:

how about a real scorpion in one of those


But yeah, make it smaller then it makes it’s way onto my stick. That thing is huge as hell as it is.