Sanwa RG pushbuttons


The ones with the longer micro switches. Is there any difference in quality / performance than the regular obsn? Or do they just stand up to a harsher beating? TY


They last longer, as in can handle more presses than regular Sanwa buttons.


Anyhow who has owned a RG, are they worth it? I mean OBSF’s are already made of such high quality, I can’t see these things failing under normal conditions.


In RG you feel veeeeeeeeeeeeery small click. RG are very silent and have higher endurance than buttons with standard microswitches.


It might be me but they have a different feel that regular sanwa buttons. Like someome said you actually feel a slight click instead of the softness of the regular ones. I use them on all my personal sticks. I love their performance.


Arent they discontinued?


no, the seimitsu ones are

PS 14 GX something like that

RG’s arent


Oh okay…i knew something else was discontinued other then the flash stick.


I find RGs to be slightly stiffer than the regular Sanwa buttons (not as stiff as Seimitsus though), although when they’ve worn in they loosen up a fair bit. They’re also not hair trigger like regular Sanwas either; they sort of register when pressed halfway down.


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LOL! This thread came out of now where! But seriously, RG’s are my favorite button! You have to try them…



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