Sanwa & Seimitsu Button Cover Decals


Custom button cover decals for Sanwa buttons and Seimitsu clear button plungers. These are available in all colors I stock(shown below).

These can be placed on top of the buttons as well. These will hold up to just about anything, they are even waterproof. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me or ask in the thread.

$6 for first set of 3xPunch 3xKick.
$3 for each additional set in the same color.

Available Colors

I also do other custom vinyl decals, thread can be found below.

Gammastrike Designs

Examples of some of the colors…


New Designs
Here are a few of the new button covers I am working on.
Yin Yang

The Spider and Yin Yang still need tweaking, but the others are ready to order in any color.


in the third pic i see the ledlight in the button care to take a pic of the button being pressed i want to see how it looks


I sent Unreallystic a message to see if he could shoot me over a pic of the button illuminated. I also added some more pics to the OP.


cool i’d be interested in some decals for 8 button layout


Sounds like a plan. What color are you thinking?




Sounds good. I shot you a PM.


Id like a set of Black, Pm being sent… now


PM replied to. Thanks for the order.


payment sent for BLK decals


Added a few new designs. More to come…


aw man you can make custom designs for this…


Yes, premades are the normal price, customs will be higher depending on the design needed.


ah i see thanks for the info


this is a $ick idea(looks like I need to buy some buttons)! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a question. I was wondering if you could sell a set that matches the Street Fighter 4 input display colors. Blue Punch and Kick, Yellow Punch and Kick, and Red Punch and kick. I was wanting to put these to match my buttons. Also got a picture of the blue printed out? I may just opt for black if blue is off but the other two colors are close.


My red is pretty close to that color, but my yellow is more of a lemon yellow and my current blue is a few shades darker.


Heya, the Blue-N-Cream is mine (wit hthe LEDS). I’ll try out the new soldering iron tonight and start the process, so hopefully by this weekend (I’m multi-tasking in the evenings) - it will be done. the pictures really don’t do them justice.

Hey Nether, I don’t have a need right now, but you ought to look into making the 1P and 2P ones for the 24mm buttons (the top of the TE buttons - you can get PS-14-KN style buttons in 24mmm for them.

  • :bluu:


I may do that…


PM’s answered.