Sanwa Shell 4 Sale


Shell is 12x10x2 1/4 (case is completely screwless)
Will fit Sanwa JLF or compatible stick (top mount screwless)
Will fit OSBF 30mm (6 on top Astro City layout)
Will fit OSBF 24mm (3 on backside)
Shell will hold almost any pcb
Includes plexi pre-cut
Bottom with rubber feet included.
I will also do custom graphics for the background if you wish.

(ps the blue protective layer is still on the plexi, that is what is making it look frayed)

$85 shipped OBO to anywhere in the lower 48.

Examples of fully assembled stick.

Links to more pics.



show an example of the stick fully assembled and you might get more offers

Example sticks added.

looks great! it was kind of hard to tell from the original description that you are selling a complete stick, not just a box.

how much would you want for a:

painted box with plexi, graphics and no parts, shipped

unpainted box with plexi, graphics and no parts, shipped

I might attempt to build a stick, and if you have good prices on a box, I might buy from you.

I am pretty sure he is just selling the box. In the title it says Blank.

That is my guess though.

sounds to me like he listed parts which he would use to assemble the stick. I am really confused now lol

The thread is for a blank shell. I will also include custom graphics if requested. The buttons, stick, and pcb listed are just what is needed to complete the stick.



what kind of wood is this?

Yeah, it really reads like he’s including those parts. It probably could be a little more clear.

HDF, final sand with 5000 grit wet.

Bump, don’t forget its OBO…so just make offers if you are interested. No lowballs please.

bump $95 shipped, i will do custom graphics, all you will need is a a stick, buttons and controller.