Sanwa Silencers

I got you… Send a pm with your address. Also there have been a few people who have PM’d me with address but no name. I think it’d be silly to write as a name your username. So please include your name. =)

If you still have a set laying around, I can PM you instantly and I’ll even cover shipping.

Eric you are the last one. PM me with your address so I can send you out a set. Don’t forget to include name and address. Don’t worry about shipping. I’ll most likely send these out in envelopes since they are soo light… I will do a weekly raffle giving away a free set to everyone who posts in here after this post… The last drawing will take place May 18th.

To those getting the sets, I’ll include a letter of what I’m expecting to hear back from. Based on that feed back adjust, and refinements will be made.

In like Flinn :slight_smile:

I still feel these are better than the material sanwa uses for their silent mod… I’ll post a vid of the sound when I get home…

I have a set of mabans silencers in my stick and I can’t say enough about them! Apart from quieting the buttons down, they feel better than stock. I used to be fairly heavy handed on buttons but now I am very light on them. I think this is because I was taking audio cues from myself when performing moves.

They are very easy to install too… Had the set installed in about 5 min.
once mabans has them in full production they will be going in all my sticks.

Here is a quick vid for those interested… Sorry about quality… did this with my phone…
oh… and shamless plug for Toodles Spark Opitcal JLF stick mod

Thanks for the demo Joe. I’m also going to be shooting one showing the difference in a sound proof room and a decibel meter. Though your video does a pretty bang up job showing the difference. =)

These look amazing. Posting for the raffle. =)

Interested once in production

So would these fit in other buttons like the sanwa rg buttons? I don’t think modifying these to fit different microswitches would be too hard. I can’t wait to see how these turn out.

i wont lie i came here thinking There was a Sanwa Pistol silencer

Yeah, I would be down for 4 sets of 6. Nice work!

It’s really cool that you thought of using pe foam. I never thought of that. I’ve only seen people using tissues and and micro fibers(?). I’m gonna test it out with some of the local materials here. Dunno if ill get the same results as you though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you can use these in your already existing sanwa 30mm buttons. I am working on getting smaller one done if the demand is there. Also working on a Seimitsu solution that is proving a lot trickier because of button is made.

Thanks for the video, as I am sold on this.

I want to enter!

I need these! Keep us posted about availability! :smiley:

AHHHHH!!! I had some of that foam stuff at home and i tried to cut it by hand, but its impossible. Ill just wait until its released here.
Have you tried using high resilience foam? It’s that really soft stuff that goes into foam mattresses. I don’t know if that stuff would work on buttons but i think its worth a try.

Yes, problem is that it absorbs energy well, it just doesn’t snap back as quick. So you can encounter the buttons sinking and in some cases it’d just jam. Don’t worry once I get feed back on these, I’ll make final adjustments then it’ll be out. Soon, very very soon…

they work great brother… mass produce these things already!
honestly I was pleasantly suprised when I gave you my stick as a loaner when I was working on your eightarc to find you modded my buttons… hopefully you get the adjustment right for the LED’s but thats not a big issue… MASS PRODUCE THESE THINGS!