sanwa site?

where to get sanwa stuff?


TheRealNeoGeo’s new site (which I am helping to develop) should be up any day now. Fresh parts from Sanwa and Seimitsu, right out of the factory delivered to your mailbox…

Stop teasing us :slight_smile:

No posting on here until it’s ready :slight_smile: is good also, i ordered from there twice with no problems and good packaging

I’m definitely ordering from TheRealNeoGeo. He gave me a GREAT quote for a bunch of parts for 3 sticks (and some extra parts). He’s also a very nice and very prompt person to communicate with. If you look around the forums he’s always answering questions and putting in his 2 cents based on his experience. Also, the great thing about him is that he started making sticks by asking questions on the forums here and now he’s considered a premiere stick builder. I think he’ll live up to his reputation by also becoming THE GUY to buy parts from.

He just told me to wait until the store opens to pay for them. I’m getting really anxious for the grand opening! Any day now crosses fingers


I agree 100% and i’ll order parts from him also when i make another stick for myself and maybe for friends.

How much is TheRealNeoGeo asking for parts.

wow… 3 for a button… 23 for a stick… eeeek… that would be 8 buttons and a stick… grand total BEFORE wood / artwork printout:
$27.70 + 23.00 = OMGWTFBBQ $50… wow… as opposed to happ, $14 for a stick, 16 total for buttons… $30…

(estimating here)

umm… do i need a mounting plate?

and what size buttons do i get? (i like the ones on the green dc stick)

I believe TRNG posted some of his prices on another thread. I’m not really sure which one at the moment. I would try searching some of his posts to see. Also make sure to factor in cost of shipping for your order. Rod is in New York and TRNG ships from Japan directly. Also, Rod often gives bonuses with his shipments.

I think both are great people and you’d be happy with either service.

You will most likely need a mounting plate since you’re mounting to wood.

The standard Jap buttons that you’ll want for that mod are the 30mm ones. The 24mm are usually used as start buttons. You’ll need to mod the DC stick a bit and there’s a couple tutorials on the forums for them as well. Again searching will probably be your best. Agtec I believe it’s called. Hope that helps!

P.S. I’m a noob as well but I read a LOT on the forums and am basically just passing on answers that I’ve gotten or read from experienced builders. : )


from excellentcom its 1.10$ a button and 11$ a sawna or seimitsu stick, ask for regular airmail

damn, that’s nice

u’ve worked with them before? they’re trustworthy?

and yeah, i’ll check out that website

the green dc stick, yes i konw is the agetec

i’m not modding that one with new parts… i’m actually building one… i’m inspired by byrdo

ok, for anyone that didn’t know VGO will be selling Sanwa parts for very cheap in limited stock,

Buttons = 2 each.
Sticks = 10 each.

Should be up by this wed.

Yeah i ordered from them twice, and yesterday i just got 8 sanwa buttons, cable, mounting plate and sanwa stick from them in the mail, took about a week and 3 days reg airmail to north america, like 17$ shipping


just, how do i order from them?? i can’t figure it out.

Email them saying you want to join the mail order list, and ask for the latest price list, then email them what you want and the quantity, then they will email you back saying if its in stock or not and a order sheet of what you asked for and different ways to ship and all, tell them beforhand how you want it shipped also.

arite, thanks

dosu, you are referring to the website you posted and not VOG, right? or am I wrong?? confused

Yeah i’m talking about the site I posted