sanwa site?

thanks for VGO link, I ithnk I’ll buy there.


Whats vgo?

Dosu, this is the VGO website: They were supposed to have Sanwa parts up today (Wednesday) but I didn’t see any updates. Oh well…


Yes, they are supposed to be up, but are not.

I don’t know what the delay is for.

hey all, they were posted before 11pm last night and I got hold of a few of them thus far. BTW, if you haven’t noticed, a new thread in regards to modding A SF AS with a sanwa joystick was posted; Crazy yet nice.

he quoted a MUCH cheaper price than what he’s selling the parts for. They are a price jump of 70%.

But they are still cheaper than any other place.

Not cheaper then excellentcom.

excellentcom is incredibly cheap, I’m not sure how much shipping is, but even if it is something like 25 bucks, it’s still cheaper than vgo.

sanwa joysticks are 11 a piece, sanwa buttons are 1.10 a piece. I’m purchasing :).

Oh man you guys were right, thanks for that site, I can’t belive VGO is charging that much after quoting something more like 10 bucks a stick.

When you order from excellentcom, just ask for regular airmail before hand, and tell them to mark it as spare parts

dosu, how much is shipping at excellentcom? (aproximately)

Where do you think VGO is getting their supply? Considering the available models/colors and the incredibly low prices (lower than what Sanwa themselves charges actually) those parts definitely come from Hong Kong. Someone over there must’ve massively overstocked on Sanwa parts and been trying to get rid of them ever since, or possibly Sanwa would rather sell their parts without profit rather than let the market be taken over by cheap clones. Who knows…

As for TheRealNeoGeo’s shop, I hope it’ll be done enough to open sometime during the weekend. Still a couple of products that needs pictures added and descriptions (re)written, got to put in some shipping tables and design an order status page. Not all of it necessarily needs to be done before letting you guys in though, but ultimately that decision is up to TRNG.

29$ for 2 sticks, 26 buttons, 3 metal plates and 3 cable connectors