Sanwa snap-in vs screw-on buttons

I was wondering how exactly the Sanwa buttons work. I am buidling a wooden and plexiglass top for my case that will have a thickness of 1/2", what are my options as far as 30mm Sanwa buttons?

Also, will a Sanwa JLF-TP-8T work mounted through a 1/2" of wood and plexi?

Thanks for your help!:wgrin:

you need to read the stickies before posting… all your questions are already answered numerous times


If you’ve already put in the effort of replying to this post might as well throw in something useful or at least direct him in the right direction.

Anyway if it’s gonna be 1/2" thick I think you have to go with screw-ons, could be wrong though pros correct me if so. Yes the JLF will mount my face plate with the stick mounting plate comes out to about 1/2" give or take a few centimeters, so that’s a plus with your thick panel you wouldn’t have to bother with installing a plate to mount your stick. See was it that hard?

it’s not that it’s hard… every time you answer these questions then more will come. the info is there to look for it…

anyways… to make the joystick the right height you will need to recess the area aound the mount


True it’s like zoo animals you feed them once, they expect more, bad analogy. So I officially retract the earlier statement and offer a thousand pardons.

I am sorry that I don’t think it is efficient to wade through hundred of pages of minutia or create a bunch of unfruitful searches when I am looking for an answer to a specific question. I have had a very hard time finding answer to my questions in this forum. I know the answers are there but there is a lot to sift though. Maybe some of you who are here all the time have lost perspective on this. I was just hoping for a point in the right direction. I feel bad that this offends members of this board but I also think it reasonable to ask more experienced members for direction. Have a great day!

There is a reason a thread that says “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW” is stickied to the top of this forum. There is also a reason for a search function.
Here anyway:
People get pissed off because it’s just plain laziness if you don’t want to search the forums before posting a new thread. The whole point of a NEW thread is to, you know, contribute something new to the community, not just beg for info that could be found if you looked in one of the first 3 threads stickied to the top of the page.

Don’t see how hard it is.

Stickied Essential Joystick thread > Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ > Post #3.

Just saying. Can’t expect everyone to baby you since you’re new.

Which sticky is the correct one to look in? Many of them have very similar titles.

titles like:



“New to sticks? LOOK HERE questions answered!!”

“Official SFIV FightSticks & FightPad Thread (Updated 2/18; Read OP for SE Issues)”

-Are very similar and make it hard to know where to look. Maybe a sticky like “button help” or “how to choose the right stick” would be better.


visit it will answer those questions are more :slight_smile:

Personally, I think saying it takes too long to “wade” through multiple posts/threads to find answers to your questions is a slap in the face to those who contributed the information.

The ANYTHING YOU’LL EVER NEED thread has links to almost every relevant thread based on topic. It’s kinda like a dewey decimal system. You start general and narrow it down. There is also a “search thread” function so you can search for post in that thread (if it’s huge) that are a big help.

“Button installation:
24mm (OBSF-24/OBSN-24 and PS-14-D/PS-14-DN) and 30mm (OBSF-30/OBSN-30 and PS-14-G/PS-14-GN) buttons from Sanwa and Seimitsu refer to the diameter of the holes that they will fit into. Snap-in buttons from both companies grip to 2-4mm material thicknesses while screw-ins from both companies hold on to upwards of 8mm.”

If I am reading this correct, Sanwa does not make a screw in button that will work with a half inch thick panel… doh! Does that really mean I’m stuck with Happ?

Unfortunately, I have not had much luck with the search thread function. Searching for items like “Sanwa 30mm button” returns way to many hits.

I intend no disrespect to the providers of information on this site.

Thanks again to helpful members.

Ya, the screw in buttons wont go much past 12mm thickness or so. You’ll need to route the bottom of your panel to make it thinner where the buttons go.

like this pick from

OK, I am going to use American parts. They are cheaper, easier to use, easier to get a hold of and I do like the way they play. I just feel like not using Sanwa parts devalues the stick a bit.

Hey, its your stick so all that matters is you like how it plays.

If it had all sanwa parts and you didn’t like the way it felt, that would devalue it :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

This will be my third stick. It’s becoming a bit of an obsession and I was kinda hoping to sell this one.

if it’s your third stick then you are not new to this… there is information on the forums… if you think it’s inefficiency for you to sort through the info, you think that we have free time to sort it for you?

it’s part of the enjoyment of finding new things.


Theres no difference in feel between the 2 buttons… but the snap ins seem to have a longer plunger? Thats how it feels to me.

sillypuddy, your avatar is Haterade.