sanwa standard vs silent


I am having trouble choosing between standards and silents sanwas. i was leaning towards silent so i wouldnt have to worry about playing at night but during my research i have heard people say that silents feel a little too different and one person remarked that he “dropped more combos” because of the silent buttons.

so im worrying if the silent buttons will negatively effect my game play. i am more on the casual side but am working to getting serious. i have the hori rap 4 kai with the hori hayabusa matte buttons.

how would these push buttons compare to one another?


I’d just try them out and see how it works for you. It’s like most joystick options, really just depends on how it feels to you. I didn’t like silent Sanwas because I didn’t like how the buttons didn’t depress as much as they did without the silencers.


I read some review that says the stick feels different as well (tighter)