Sanwa Stick 4 sale Morrigan



[]Sega Astro City Layout
]Sanwa JLF Stick
[]6 Sanwa 30mm’s on top
]3 Sanwa 18mm’s on the backside
[]Wired with Xbox 360 controller
]Dimensions are 12 x 10 x 2 1/4
[]Bottom is solid with rubber feet
]Stick and buttons have never been used


How does your stick compare to the tournament edition fight stick? Just curious. I am interested but would like more information.


Being that its all Sanwa parts, it’s probably the same performance and feel wise to the TE fight stick.


ffoxxttott is right. This stick will weigh more though considering it is wood. I prefer alittle more weight personally…cept on my women :).


Haha, but big girls need love too. Good luck with your sale!


hey since its wired with 360 and stuff i wonder if theres a headset jack ?


There is, but it is located in the case. I did not mount it on the outside.


Is this stick wireless?



No, it is wired.


Im trying to see how the price comes up to $240 , considering parts cost etc.

Please Explain.


it’s OBO “or best offer”. so go offer what you think is fair.


I Would but i personally dont like the art, if he would swap the art id make an offer.


It’s probably just under plexi and can be swapped out easy. Usually custom prices include labor for wiring and all that so that’s probably where the $240 came from.


Mcginnis speaks the truth.


PM sent.


Replied to ya Seerd.




grats to both! :slight_smile: