Sanwa Stick Breakdown

Okay here’s my issue. I have an SE stick with a Sanwa stick but I think the left “button” (as in when I tilt the joystick left) is iffy. It cuts in and out intermittently.

For those who’ve taken apart the stick before, you have 1) the squaregate, 2) the middle part with the actual stick “buttons”, and 3) the stick itself.

And I have my old Madcatz stock stick to swap it with (which doesn’t feel right).

So I was wondering, if I swap just the middle part (with the “buttons”), will it be as good as a Sanwa stick? Or is that the part that makes the stick good?

Thanks for any input.

I’d say every part of the Sanwa is better than the knock-off parts of the MC stick. The switches themselves are much higher quality, and I’m not even certain that the spacing/placement/thickness of PCB is the same. This may be a case of a loose connector (the stock connector that MC uses is notorious for becoming loose, as it’s not a legit Sanwa connector) – try re-seating the connector (taking it out then re-inserting it) onto the PCB layer of the stick, and see if that improves performance. If it does, you can either glue it in place, or (better) go grab a replacement wire with the right connector from Toodles’ web site.

If one of the switches is going, you can buy a replacement switch PCB assembly (TP-MA is the model number) at most parts shops (LL, for example). It wouldn’t hurt, after that, to also grab a replacement wire so that the loose harness doesn’t cause problems down the line.

Hope this clears things up.