Sanwa stick getting caught


I have tried searching all over but can’t seem to find an answer.

I just got a te stick but have only used hori and happ parts before. It feels almost like the stick is getting caught on the micro-switches when I move to up. up back, and up forward. I am hesitant to open to stick to look inside because i dont want to void it. Is this just normal on these?


yes it is


Actually you should open the TE stick from the top not the bottom. Plus it wont void the warranty…


yeah i know you open from the top on this. The vids i have seen of people doing that have said it voids it, it doesn’t?


Mad Catz has been accepting people’s stuff even if the person had opened it.
Mad Catz even ship replacement parts to people too.


Really? I am worried that there is something wrong and worried i would have to foot the bill


Mad Catz has turned a new leaf with these sticks. If they keep this up they might finally become the American Hori. Either way, if it’s the stick it sounds like a mechanical problem. In such a situation you could always get a JLF yourself.

Last I checked, weren’t these TE sticks using special JLF’s, and not the ones accessible through third parties?

Could you upload a video to Youtube of what you mean by “getting stuck”? Do you have a digital camera, just to do a short vid so we can see? Could be some kind of grease or something, I don’t know why something attached to a spring would have any kind of “catching” in its movement.


What is special JLF?
You saying Sanwa made the Joysticks specifically for Mad Catz?


Just something I’ve heard. I’d have to crack open a TE myself, got a bunch of friends with them, but they would kick me if I walked up to them with a screwdriver.


It makes no sense that a “special JLF” would be built for the Mad Catz TE sticks.

Why would Sanwa, which pinches money as tightly as Hori, manufacture “special edition” JLF’s just for one manufacturer let alone an American company like Mad Catz?

I’ve taken my Mad Catz TE apart to replace the square gate with a GT-Y and also have redone the stick tension a few times on top of painting the top base bevel after it got scratched a bit.

Nothing I have seen in that stick indicates it’s anything but a standard JLF and I’ve installed 5 “third party” JLF’s in other bases, too.

If there is anything consistently different amongst the various stick bases that utilize the JLF’s, it’s the stick mounting. I’ve noticed the JLF does sit a bit lower in the Mad Catz TE base than it does in the HRAP bases but that’s about it. Even the T5 stick mount is different than the HRAP stick mount… The T5 mount doesn’t have the necessary diameter or clearance to use the secondary dust washer beneath the faceplate.