Sanwa Stick Issues

My stick kept feeling clunky so i decided to open it up and see the waster keeps moving out of plays and it keeps sticking what can i do to fix this? Like it keeps lifting up

You mean the metal ring in the middle:

If it is that then glue it to the black base.

I think i actually fixed it, It wasn’t the washer, I opened it up and found some kind of stick liquid on the shaft like pop or something but it wasn’t so i just cleaned it all up and got it nice again and it feels fine, Thanks for the info/tip though!

Edit: Nvm it started doing it again :confused: Gah, Fuckin sanwa

When you move the joystick the metal washer moves also? If yes then just glue it into place, problem solved.

Nah its like the little white piece where the shaft holds, i made sure it wasn’t the washer i mean i don’t know if this will effect the stick but it doesn’t feel the same, I know the white piece always moves but it feels really sluggish

I think it needs some more lube then.

i think he wiped up all the lube. lol. You’re gonna want to lube it up since it’s sluggish and next time just wipe down the metal washer. Don’t bother gluing it. You’ll probably do more damage than fix it. The excess lube on the metal washer on the plastic base causes it to lift up and make that popping noise. I’ve seen it happen.

Any suggestions on what to buy? Cause i was aware sanwa’s washer wasn’t glued

Shinetsu grease or some silicone based “plastic safe” grease.

This costs a fortune, but will probably last you forever.

Never had this problem with a Sanwa JLF In my life sad, Anyone got a less costly grease heh