Sanwa stick refusing to register one direction

Ok, I recently bought a Sanwa stick to mod my Street Fighter IV SE fight stick. However after installing it I quickly noticed that it registered every direction except RIGHT.

I’ve tried numerous things in order to fix this and i’m all out ideas…

So far i’ve tried flipping the harness upside down which resulted in only the down direction registering instead of just the right and i’ve tried rotating the numerous items within the stick.

I originally thought one of the little tabs that the joystick presses against was possibly not making contact with the joystick itself, however they all appeared to be touching when I moved the stick in their direction and also regardless of which way I rotated the parts it was always the RIGHT direction that didn’t respond.

Did I simply purchase a faulty stick that I need to get replaced? I would appreciate any and all feedback.


I know the stick is compatible because it was advertised as being so.

Thanks in advance!

If it is always the Right Direction that does not work no matter what, then problem is the Mad Catz PCB.
So even if you rotated the Joystick PCB, making the original Right become Up, the Right Direction still not work?

What about the stock Mad Catz Joystick?
Have you tested that?

Yes no matter which way I rotated it, it was always RIGHT that didn’t work. HOWEVER, like I said I installed my old stick again after failing to install the sanwa one correctly and it works PERFECTLY so how could it be a problem with my SE wiring etc?

EDIT:Opps I thought i’d mentioned re-installing my SE stick, my bad it was a pretty big thing to leave out lol. That’s what confused me so much and led me to belive it’s a problem with my sanwa stick and not the SE wiring.

Sorry double post.

Wait, I advised wrong. Disregard what I said.

Second edit: jdm snapped this one up before me. Sounds like a PCB or microswitch problem of the JLF. You could likely contact your seller for a replacement.

I guess it would be wise to post again because people probably have overlooked my edit.

I did re-install my SE stick and it worked perfectly with no problems, this is what I found odd and led me to believe it was a problem with the sanwa stick.

Ahhh, sorry it keeps double posting for some reason >.<

Okay, now that I know your stock Mad Catz Joystick works.
You did not mention that, that is why I asked.

Nerrage, if it is Microswitch or PCB problem of JLF, then the problem should change Direction whenever PCB rotated.

BulimicCannibal, check the Wire Harness to see if there are any intrusion.
I don’t know why, just do it.

Also check to see that all the pins on the JLF make contact with the Wire Harness.
The stupid connector on the Mad Catz Wire Harness is not made to go with the JST NH Connector of JLF.

Oh, didn’t know he had rotated the physical PCB. My bad. Still always just a few ticks under the master. Hope you’re not mad at me for being wrong so many many times. But I do know my electricity! ;P.

And yeah, that stock glue has blocked inputs before the the wiring harnesses, I’ve heard the problem. I hate that stock glue, but after taking it all out, I constantly had the wiring harness slide right out from normal playing. Hot glue did the trick.

Ok, if the harness is flipped with the little tiny tabs on it not being visible it appears to fit perfectly and I get 3 of the 4 direction. (By tabs I mean how small parts of the plastic are higher than the rest at both ends of the harness)

However, if the tabs are visible (they were visible when my SE stick was installed) then only the down direction works but the prongs don’t appear to slot into the harness as well. They’re in but they’re not nearly as tight as when the harness is flipped the other way around.

ARGH it keeps double posting >.<

Metal tabs should be visible. The inverted way works… if you’re using a seimitsu stick. Heh.

I know that connecting the Wire Harness upside-down would give only Down working.

That is because with the Joystick Connector pointing to the right, the pin on the bottom is for Down.
And on the Wire Harness, originally the last wire is Down; if upside-down, that Down Signal would be going through the Ground Trace of JLF.

Ground on the Wire Harness would only be going to the pin for Down, while Down Signal going through the whole PCB.
Ground and Signal need touch to activate, since only Ground is on Down, then only Down direction works.

I guess Nerrage can explain that part.
But this is not problem of yours.

Oh :(.

Any clues as to what to do then? Or am I going to have to get the stick replaced.

Wait, when you say “rotated,” did you mean that you changed the PCB so that the metal tabs were sticking in a different direction? Like in this diagram?

I rotated pretty much everything however I only rotated the PCB once because the harness could only reach the PCB from 2 positions in total.

Besides that I tried rotating pretty much every part of the stick.

Ah, darn. Okay. Just thought you may have meant a different kind of rotation. Hmm. Do you have any wire on hand?

I can’t solder if that’s what you’re suggesting :frowning:

No, no. Just to touch together some connections with wire to test.

Ah, I don’t have any anyway :(.