Sanwa stick short after installing


Hello, this is a problem I’ve actually experienced multiple times. Every time I replace my Sanwa JLF stick, it seems to become too short. Meaning the distance from the plexi to the bottom of ball top is shorter than they are supposed to be. This is a nuisance and I’m wondering what I am doing wrong. I use other sticks as reference to what the proper height of the stick should be.


Pictures of your install and the mounted stick?


Longer shaft or top mount. Is this a custom wood stick? Otherwise it shouldn’t be possible from one of the commercial sticks.


Pics of your reference sticks would be helpful also. I’m suspecting your reference points are mounted higher than standard.


Did you happen to use a different mounting plate this time around?


Sorry for the delay guys, got caught up watching evo. But no I use the same mounting plate every time. This time around it’s just a tad shorter than it should be. Just enough to bug me. How would I upload pictures on mobile?


Important information that you’re not providing: What casing are you mounting this onto?

JLFs are supposed to mounted so that there’s ~24mm of shaft between the top play surface to the bottom of the balltop (ie, to the beginning of the threaded part).
Mad Catz casings tend to have the stick mounted slightly deeper so that there’s ~22mm of shaft sticking out.