Sanwa stick squeaking help!

The stick on my Hrap3 squeaks when i go in the right direction. When i opened it up i realized it only squeaks when it hits the red microswitch thing, so it clicks and squeaks. The squeaking goes away but it just came back again. Any help?

how loud is the squeek?
because on top of vigorous button mashing, announcers yelling, and fireballs going off, it shouldn’t pose a problem.

If you searched the forum I’m 99% sure you’d find a thread about lubricating your stick.

When i move the stick without the JLF TP-MA connected, there is no squeak, but when its on, it will squeak along with the clicking. Is the lube supposed to go on the microswitch?

Also, i only got this stick last week and played it for like 5 hours… There should still be enough lube in it maybe?

How about you lube it and find out.

Well i see plenty of grease on the shaft part, you mean i have to put some on the microswitch part?

how long have you had the stick? if you got it recently and don’t want to risk taking it apart if you aren’t comfortable with it just play it for a while real heavy and break it in. the squeak will eventually go away, i had put grease on my arcade stick and the squeak went down but not gone completely. i just played with it for a while pretty heavily with charge characters and the squeak got less and less over time and now its completely gone.

Okay, good to know someone else who had this problem had the squeak eventually go away. I had it for a week but i opened it to replace 6 sanwa buttons. On a side note, while removing the quick disconnects, i kind of scraped some of the silver on the ends and revealed the copper. Will that be a problem?

I had the same prob, i replaced the microswitch assembly and it fixed my prob. I am sure that if you really wanted to, you could lubricate it by squirting some grease but i think youll be better satisfied with a new pcb assembly,

here i the link to my thread

pm " mcginnis " , he might have some left, if not just check out the trade forums.

^I see, i would replace the microswitch if te squeaking doesnt go away soon. I want to wait a little before spending more money. Thanks for your help!