sanwa stick


jesus dood why do you sell everything you own?

just sold my playstation! trying to get a cab.

good deal. I don’t know why people don’t jump on this. only thing I don’t like, start select placement.

very good deal. i want another sanwa but gotta save money in paypal account for ggxxac. im also not feeling the start select placement.

Thanks for the positive comments guys!

as for start and select, I wanted them bitches out the way and I didn’t wanna put holes anywhere on the case :frowning:

this is a really good deal dont sleep on this

if i wasnt so broke i’d nab this right away

i have that blanket. how much for shipping to canada? (p7b 3n7)

LOL…that’s a pic Koi snapped b4 he sent it to me :slight_smile:

I gotta ship my ps2 tomorrow, I’ll get the shipping info then!


I’m surprise that no one has picked it up yet I would’ve myself but I got a finkle stick coming my way good luck on the sale

SOLD! Thanks everyone!