Sanwa switches in transparent Seimitsu buttons?

Which Seimitsu buttons would I need if I were to get some for an LED mod but can fit Sanwa switches (the ones OBSF/N has)?

You would need discontinued snap PS-14-K’s. You are more likely to find the Loch-ness monster and ride on her back find than those buttons in white and blue. There might be somebody on SRK willing to part with them if you offer $20 per button.

If you want something in production you would have to go for Rollie Snap in pushbuttons from ponyboy on the trading outlet.

Eh that sucks (considering I’m in UK and all). Well I guess I’ll just go for aesthetics above anything else then.

You can use the switches from Sanwa OBSF-RG buttons (RS-SG) inside Seimitsu PS-14 (any 30mm model).

Still expensive, but actually possible to find.