Sanwa T5 (Different from Himura)

Hey guys, the guide for Himura says that I require a JLF-TP-8Y joystick to mod onto T5, but instead I can only find a JLF-TP-8T/8, is there much of a difference? Is it possible to mod these parts onto a T5?



OBSF-30 Snap-in Pushbuttons

you can use the 8t just fine but you have to take off the metal mounting plate.

oh i see, but how about the 8? Will it work without the plate too? And about the buttons, will I have to make the prongs smaller or something?

i’ve never tried mounting an 8 but i think others have been able to mount it. its safer just to use the jlf if you are going to follow the instructions on himuragames.

the buttons you will need to grind down the metal tabs on the t5 metal plate for each button hole. you will need some kind of grinding/cutting tool like a dremel or metal shaving file.

you can also use the dremel to cut down the plastic parts on the jlf and cut the screws down to size so it would probably be wiser to invest in a dremel cutting tool.

but how do i fit the button prongs into the pcb to solder it?


Just to give you a little clarification on Sanwa’s cloudy parts numbering system, a JLF-TP-8Y is the stick that you’ve shown in the top picture, minus the mounting plate, and with the pcb turned so that the connector is on a side without the mounting holes. If you turn the pcb so that the connector is on a side WITH the mounting holes, then it is a JLF-TP-8. The stick that you’ve shown in the top picture is a JLF-TP-8T, since the connector is on a side with the mounting holes (which is how all of our JLF’s ship). If you turn the pcb so that it’s on a side without the mounting holes, then it becomes a JLF-TP-8YT. Holy shit, now that I read that, I realize how confusing it can be. Basically, you can take the same JLF stick from our site and turn it into: JLF-TP-8, JLF-TP-8T, JLF-TP-8Y, JLF-TP-8YT. They are all the same stick, just configured differently.

BTW, you’ve got the second picture incorrectly labeled, that is a JLW-TM-8, and is probably not going to work for your current application. If you would like to purchase a JLF stick from us, add a note when you check out that you want it configured as a JLF-TP-8Y, and I’ll make sure it gets set up for you before it ships.



use dremel or cutting tool to enlarge the holes. the holes as they are now are way too small to fit. you will also have to bend the prongs on the obsf inwards to slide them in once the holes on the pcb are big enough. make sure to not cut the holes too big or you might cut the whole contact off. also be careful of where the ground traces connect as you can easily overlap from a positive trace into the grounding area.

its alot of hassle and as an alternative you can just run wires soldered to each pcb button contact and put .110 female quick disconnects (that you can also purchase from lizardlick) on them and slide them into each sanwa button with no cutting or bending.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! These were the EXACT answers I was hoping for! I can’t believe I couldn’t think of soldering a wire to the PCB! And yeah if I order from lizardlick (so far you are my favorite arcade parts store) I will ask for that :slight_smile: will it cost any extra?

Don’t be ridiculous, I wouldn’t charge you for that!


hey I’m sorry man but I couldn’t find an area to type up a note! hopefully you can read my email before shipping out the stuff!!! once again im sorry, i just went back to the paying page an it turns out i can click on giving you instructions… damnit

Anyone know for sure if JLW-TM-8 doesn’t fit with tekken 5 sticks?

lizard said himself that the TM will not work, oh no wait he said probably, but its his stuff so he prolly knows

No problem, I got your email… I’ll take care of it for you…

I’m not saying for sure that a JLW won’t work, I’m just taking into consideration the size of the body of the stick, which is a bit larger than the JLF is all…