Sanwa template

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a sanwa template to print out, preferably with the buttons all aligned with one another in a


sort of style.

I’m shocked by the lack of printable Sanwa templates. I’ve been looking for about a week and been unable to find any.

There’s not much templating to do. The rule of thumb I use is that centers are 1.5 inches apart in all directions. The buttons are 30mm in diameter.

Ah you see, that may work for you, but I’m dumb and new to this, so I need as much help as I can get.

I’ve found templates, but none with straight buttons layouts.

they’re are like 4or5 printable templates you’re not looking in the right threads
if you want the straight across style
print out the happ template and just increase and shift the button holes a bit.

Hmm… I don’t know anything about graphic design or scaling though…
How would I know the holes would be the proper size?


Wow. Um…wow.

Draw a dot.

Measure 1.5 inches to the right, draw another dot. Do it again.

Now, measure 1.5 inches beneath each of those dots.

There’s your template. Take it to your joystick, and use a punch or drill bit to mark your work piece. Drill your pilot holes, go back with hole saw/forstner bit. Done.

Here’s an X-Arcade template I made:

at least 3 templates here have a scale measurement so when you print ityou can measure it so make sure its 1:1

Look here…

I can do any Sanwa Layout, $30 shipped. Any configuration you want, with all holes cut with laser accuracy. PM me if your interested.

Its done on Commercial equipment.

In steel?

If you want sure, but have to be a little more to cover steel costs, but sure :slight_smile: