Sanwa vs Seimitsu vs Agetec


I have a stick with seimitsu ps14-k-n buttons in it and i’m very happy with those. But i’m thinking of building a new stick and so i’m curious about the sanwa obsn-30 buttons. I know they have a lighter spring compared to the seimitsus but i’m trying to figure out how much lighter. I have a DC agetec with the original buttons and those feel a bit lighter than the seimitsus. How are the Sanwa buttons in comparison?



Before I gutted my Agetec and replaced the parts with an LS-32-01 and Sanwa OSBF-30 buttons, I did play the stick with the default parts.

The Agetec’s original buttons are closer in feel to Sanwa than Seimitsu buttons. I still chose to replace them because A) the buttons on the stick I bought were noticeably scratched on the surface; B) the Sanwa buttons are still in production whereas there are no practical replacements for the Agetec buttons other than getting another Agetec and swapping its buttons for the scratched ones I had on my first Agetec!

Other than the thickness of the buttons and and the QD’s being different, the Agetec stock buttons attach like snap-in Sanwa’s and Seimitsus. You do have to cut down the “tunnel” they fit into on the interior of the Agetec to install Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons in the Agetec. Also, if you retain the original metal faceplate, you must shave the button holes wider on the faceplate because they are too narrow for the Sanwa and Seimitsu 30mm buttons to fit.


OK, closer to sanwas than seimitsus. So would you say that in terms of lightness they list:

  1. Sanwa
  2. Agetec
  3. Seimitsu

Just to clarify, i’m not modding my agetec, just used those buttons as a comparison.


Edit: Sometimes i feel the seimitsus are a bit unsensitive and so i’d like something with a lighter spring. The agetec buttons occasionally give me accidental button presses so if the sanwas are even more sensitive i might go with seimitsus anyway. This is why i’m asking.


If your getting accidental button presses with the agetec you will notice it a lot more with Sanwas. Many prefer the sanwas due to the sensitivity. As some on this forum have said… you need MAN-strenth to use seimitsus… if sanwa only made clear buttons…


Maybe my Agetecs are just old and I don’t remember how they used to be (when they were new and I’d never used Sanwa/Seimitsu parts, I considered them AWESOME sticks) but I find the Agetecs that I’ve tried recently, the buttons are fairly light as far as presses, but don’t have a very good ‘feel’ to the mechanical action, requiring more force and feeling less precise at the same time than the others.


ok, sounds like i have to go with seimitsu buttons on this stick too, thanks everyone for your help!