Sao Paulo 256 players tourney (Brazil)


Sao Paulo 4 days tourney 256 players

1st Carvos kdcmarvel Batallos (undefeated)
2nd Rodolfo Silva
3rd Lendo le Cardoso
3rd Rafael pit stop

Huge tourney. Best I have ever been to. Excellent to watch, including the warm ups(I think I saw like a hundred different infinites at it, thanks to the show off players, real combo vid stuff). Great, huge screen to the finals( they had a company hired just to deal with the sound ).

Highlights to me:

  • the winner (this guy is so nice that makes me want to be a better person, incredibly humble too).

  • the overall organization of the tourney( we could play for free all we wanted until the start of the tourney, every day at 15:00pm, the screen and sound for the finals were fantastic)

  • some weird teams with incredible looking combos and unusual strategies, specially at warm up( I think every character in the game was played)

  • this guy that I saw at the warm ups. Better execution I ever saw. Hitting every GB, every infinite(lots of diff ones), every unblockable and every other stuff I saw he trying to. And I complaining about controls… Maybe he was not strategic or lucky enough though, since he did not even make it to the finals. Very impressive, nonetheless.

The best players teams were almost the same as US. storm, sent, cable, mags and assists, plus some spiral, strider, doom, bh, ironman, iceman and dhalsim. A lot of variety at the warmups though.

Any other brazilians here?


256 players!?!!? :eek: damn that guy must of won like the same amount of money as evo2k2

that guy should go to evo2k3 and try is luck here


Hey can you list some of those crazy teams they used and how they played them?


No money. He got a PS2 and a lot of minor stuff(t-shirts, hats, mousepads and stuff like that from the sponsors). Somebody told me that to give prizes in cash you need government authorization, so brazilian game tourneys rarely give cash to the winners.

A guy there told me the champ is going to Evo, but also told me he played MvC2 on the Internet :wink: , so I have no idea where this is truth or not(since he already lied once). I think the champ can be the biggest surprise of the tourney and I hope he manages to go.


any vids?


First, I must tell you that my analysis will be kind of weak for sure, since I couldn’t watch most teams as much as I wanted to.

Second, I think the weirdest teams arent tournament caliber, since nobody(I think) picked low tier characters at the finals.

From the top of my head:

Hulk, Sakura, assist - Really unusual strat. This guy was very fast with Hulk, and a very technical player also(he bait an AHVB with suki cancel, I think).
He used assists, even sakura, to give him more space to move around with Hulk, but most interesting to setup the infinite on corner(as assists i saw him using sonson, psy, juggs, colossus and others i don’t recall).
The nice thing is that Hulk’s infinite never undizzies, so it’s a free kill. There was this game where he let magneto corner him, threw mags to the corner, hitted with psy and killed mags with the infinite.
After the kill, he would either gb into inf again or bring sakura, turn her into evil sakura, and teleport for the entire match!!!
Very interesting to watch. The bad side is that, although creative, I saw him losing much more than winning(he always played this team and, on my watch, never get even a 2 win streak). Pretty impressive, nonetheless.

Dhalsim, Tron, Morrigan - The guy who used it told me it was a team he used just to piss people off, and kinda works. Teleport runaway Dhalsim all the time. Then, he would suddenly go to the ground and dash towards the opponent.
I saw it working twice in the same match. Both times the opponent got crazy about hitting him. In the first, he did Tron assist into Sim’s inf. In the second, he tagged Morrigan in and busted an infinite with her. He did like 5 diff morrigan infinites on the same match. His opp was weak though. I came afterwards and won with teamscrub. He didn’t pick the team again(kept Dhalsim with sim, Storm, Sent though, very good against MSP and the like)

Rushdown bad characters - You probably already saw a good Cammy playing, like a more limited Magneto. There was like half of the game cast being played that way. even with AD setups and such(Morrigan). The entertaining part was that too many people knew too many infinites with those characters. I watched countless infinites pulled out or ridiculously long combos including assists and such. A lot of players didn’t even entered the tournament, but provided nice show offs to see.
I also saw a cable combo using like 5 assists. timeflip combo with setup to ahvb, like 3 x(hp,hp,hp,hp, psimitar ahvb), j forward jab grenade, cyc assist hits, air combo with cable following with air hk, s. lk, mk, hk. In all of this he used amingo’s healing assist like 4 times between the start of the combo and the last ahvb, getting some life back. Amusing!

As for good teams, I saw Spiral/Storm combinations in the tourney. It works much better than I would’ve give it credit for.
Spiral can trap with Storm and make very good use of teleports and that falling fast move(sometimes she did it several times in a row while calling assists, and teleported if any danger aroused).
A loaded runaway storm with spiral and doom can give huge amounts of chip damage while trying to run, or even control good space during rushdown.

I already wrote too much. The game amongst the best players were interesting also,with throws into assists into 100%, or well timed VCs, GCs and stuff, but the characters were the same you see at US vids, mostly. Maybe a little more Striders though, specially at the warmups (Many people thought it was safe to do bomb, ouros against cable. It is not)

Well, I’m done. Thanks for the interest and I hope you enjoy this post. Bye


I dont think so. I didn’t see any cameras and, if the organizers taped, they didn’t told anyone around me. Sorry:(


Kdcmarvel was an old member of srk. With like 6 months of the MvC2 release, he wrote the most insightful/advanced posts I ever read. I have then printed(with others from mt and viscant) and even today they seem to be brand new top strategies (how often do you see a storm that can do 100% out of a block/VC, out of a throw, out of a hit or out of a GB). IMO, he was also the most polite member at the time. Jinmaster even said that to him. If he cames to Evo, JWong better watchout. My bet is on kdc. Who knows?


thanks for going into detail bout the tourny :slight_smile:


what’s up brazilian force, I’m brazilian as well.

Born in raised in Sao Paulo. Eu vivia perto da Marginal.:frowning:

Anyways what’s the hulk infinite? I’ve only seen one person play well with hulk.


I’m not sure about the move’s name. I think it’s Gamma Charge.
With the opponent cornered, you do GC up, then GC up diagonal towards the corner, lands and repeat. I think some japanese site has a video of it, and many more, but I don’t know the URL.

Nice to meet you.


I hope this guy is going to EVO. Undefeated, sheesh! Has to be talented to do that. 256 players at a brazillian tourney…and no one from Brazil signed up for EVO!!! Somethin aint right here, but I hope he goes.


eu so brazilero!!
moro em curitiba
tu tem icq???