SARS: San Antonio Ranbat Series, starting Febuary 19th, 2010!

#1 presents:
San Antonio Ranbat Series

The new season of SARS will kick off with a bang at Revolucion! Just like the last season, players will be collecting points which will improve their ranking and put them in the runnings for the title of San Antonio’s champion and the grand prize! This year we will be crowning two champions: one for SSF4 AND one for Marvel vs Capcom 3!

Can Sinister X defend his SSF4 title?
Who will become the first Marvel vs Capcom 3 champion?
Decide the Destiny!


Events will alternate every 2 weeks between these locations:

Gamelot Lone Star Gaming
7007 Bandera Road 2501 Bandera Road
San Antonio, TX San Antonio, TX
(210) 684-0101

**Lone Star Gaming: **events will be like a bonus tournament, where you can earn points, but there’s less money involved. Good for those on a budget, or if you can’t make the Gamelot events.

Gamelot: these tournaments also let you earn points, and bigger entry fees mean more cash will be awarded for every tournament. A portion of the entry fees will be taken to go into the grand prize for the season champions. While SSF4 and MvC3 will be the staple games at these events, other games may be featured from month to month. Only SSF4 and MvC3 events will net players points.

Doors and registration opens at 12 pm (Noon)


Super Street Fighter IV 1v1 (Xbox 360) at 2:00 pm
Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Xbox 360) at 3:00 pm
(We will have 360 arcade sticks/Fight pads available for those who only have a PS3 stick)

Other games may be added to the lineup on a irregular basis, updates will be posted per event.


@Lone Star Gaming:

$5 per game


$10 Venue fee (only paid once)
$10 per game


Both venue’s events will pay out the same:

1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

1 dollar per entry for SSF4 and Marvel will be collected towards the grand prize.

Ranking System:

All players in the tournament will receive points based on their place in the tournament. Points are awarded as follows:

1st: 10 pts
2nd: 8 pts
3rd: 6 pts
4th: 4 pts
5th: 3 pts
5th: 3 pts
7th: 2 pts
7th: 2 pts
Everyone else: 1 pt

The player with the most points at the end of the ranbats will be awarded the grand prize, which is collected from part of the venue fee from each ranbat.


Feb 19th ? Revolucion at Gamelot
Mar 5th ? Ranbats at Lone Star Gaming

Mar 19th ? Ranbats at Gamelot

Apr 2nd ? Ranbats at Lone Star Gaming

Apr 19th ? Ranbats at Gamelot

Apr 30th ? Evo event at Lone Star Gaming
(Thread coming soon)
May 14th ? Ranbats at Gamelot

May 28th ? Ranbats at Lone Star Gaming

Jun 11th ? Ranbats at Gamelot

Jun 25th ? Southwest Championship
(Thread Coming Soon)

Current Rankings:

Coming Soon!