Sasaki's SF Fanart

Urien: (PS, 3 hours)

Chun Li: (Pencil, 2 hours)

Good stuff. I love your style. Post more.

Urien looks like he’s going about to suck me off though. lol

Suck you off? What does that mean? :B I’ll post more later - need to redo my claw pic first.

It’s weird seeing Urien with a somewhat bishounen face lol. Still it looks good, but the Chun one is great. Love the face and the pose.

I agree lol…

nice work bro.

Uh, now I know what you mean. Yeah, actually I didn’t want him to turn out young like that, it just happened lol
Thanks, guys.

Here’s a 20 mins. charcoal drawing of claw: