Sask thread 2011


As the reigning king of sask, i thought i’d start this thread.

apparently the saskatoon people are having a tournament. I’d like to ask some of the saskatoon folks to post the information here, as going to another website to find out street fighter stuff seems pointless to me. post here, if ric acts up, he’ll have to deal with regina, and as well all know, ric is free to regina. kthx.

SO details please, anyone?


I fully endorse this thread. A prus.


Dear Sask Crew - I’ve been working with the nearest hotel to the Marvel Madness Venue to score you all some room discounts.The only hangup is that they won’t assure me the rooms for $110 without confirmation that 10 rooms are gonna get booked. Otherwise they’re $170 - $180.


Hey troy this is a troll thread lol, the real Saskacthewan thread is further down as"Saskacthewan Thread 2011". Anyhow I’m afraid I won’t be avaible for this tourny but I’m sure some of the other Saskacthewan people will be, if things change I’ll be sure to let you know man.


This is just a tiny tournament. Small money. Mostly for fun and just to add a bit of incentive. I wouldn’t expect people from any other cities to come out, of course XD. But since you ask, I will post info.
Post from toon town fights:

-Sun Jan 23
-we will play on PS3, on the main tv. same set up as last time. Casuals on 360 monitor and a set up in the kitchen
-$5 entry, 60/30/10 split (I did inquire about a $10 but then some people wont enter. so we will stick with 5, and you guys can money match or something if you want more :D)
-double elimination, with brackets run by Tio. :smiley: random seeding. if Regina comes out, we will try to start it so that there is a nice mix to begin with!
-bring your own drinks or snacks. if you want to know what is available near by i can let you know. there is a lot.
-we can open at 3 for warm up, start tournament at 5? Should take ~2hours once we get going.
-Dalton, you guys are /always/ invited. i didnt really think to special invite you especially for a $5 tourney, but we’re always happy to see you guys come out. So :pppp Also, I know you browse the forum. so by virtue of being a member, you are invited to events!


We need more Melty Blood players. (and Ougon for that matter)


So, Saskatchewan!
How many people play in Regina? Do you guys play more online/in person? Is anyone going to Calgary? Does anyone play any melty blood there, or any other of the assorted obscure Japanese games that the boys here play?

Get some convo going :wink:


Akatsuki Blitzkampf is clearly the superior game, so I would imagine that everyone here plays it.


K dude. get deez balls. first of all, half of the people from your own damn city don’t wanna post, and fealt like they had to make their own website to talk about SF. Life isn’t all about you, you stay out of this thread, rename your own, you can have it all to yourself.

SO, i’m thinking about trying my hand at this whole hosting tournament thing.

ANYONE at all, that happens to be browsing my thread. please post here your thoughts on what would need to be done. I’ve talked a bit with jimkim, anyone else care to add thoughts, it would be greatly(GREATLY) appreciated, as i’m very unexperienced in this kind of thing. I’m talking any kind of help, as to setup, people involved, work that would need to be done. I have a venue in mind, I’m just asking for any ideas.


Yeah we might come through for the tourney, well me and Skull at least. More or less for a reason to come fuck around in Stoon.

Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to make it to Calgary for the tourney due to work.


yeah, and i wont be able to come to calgary unfortunately due to merlin working, unless norman decides to go? then maybe id be able to tag along with him or something, unless someone else from regina wants to go anyway.


I actually made the Sask thread first,so if anyone has to rename anything it would be yours. Ill have jinrai delete this one anyways so have fun while it last.


are you thinking about going to montreal?!

looking forward to maybe seeing you guys up here :slight_smile: its been awhile!


Countdown begins right about…now:) As Fei-Long would say"it’s over".


Rik you are such a baby.


Just keeping everything in check is all, its a fun job.


You all should just shut up and go to whatever threads you want. If anything, just rename this to Regina Thread and keep it there. You’re all just asking for infractions and bans and crap like that. Keep the childish behavior to the private messages or your own forums.

Dustin (Skulltron), if you’re serious about the tournament stuff, just keep asking questions bro and take the successes of tournaments you’ve been to and implement it. Also, also have a scenario down for the worst thing that could happen, aka no one shows up.


Well hey they can have a Regina thread if they want, I’m just keeping mine as a the Sask thread. On that note I don’t give a shit if some fucked up pill popper or her cunt friends decide to post on my thread, but I won’t back down from having a opinion and calling shit like I see. Like I said, TTF’s can do whatever the fuck they want and Ill do my own thing but by that same token if I have something to say I’ll say it.

P.S. Alright dalton if you’re serious about this thread and not using it to troll me then more power to you. However I did make the sask thread first so rename it the regina thread or something. Either way I wont reply anymore on this thread and just leave it as is, cause in all honesty I don’t really give a fuck lol. If you decide to come out to that tourny then good luck or whatever, its a waste of time IMO but hey its you’re time to waste I guess. Anyhow I’m out and hopefully no more annoying hoes decide to bother my thread anymore…ok ciao:)


Rename this the Regina thread if you want, all the Saskatoon people who aren’t you and Losha will still post here.


lol i love the sask thread, im so glad I moved away from sask as a child