Saskatchewan Players The Time Is Now!

This is a notification to any saskatoon players that its about time this city starts up a scene. Therefore If any peeps are in the saskatoon area, then we can hook up a couple of games. The arcade scene isnt that big here, but the cove at the university is probably the only place u can find any comp. Aside from the arcade, there is at least 4-5 dudes including myself that are down for a couple games. It can range from 3S,CVS2,T5DR,KOF games and even smash bros. Ill post my addy here incase anyone wants further details…I guess I have to pimp this city out a bit.

Okay, so this didnt go exactly how I hoped. However I know there has to be some players near the saskatoon area…c’mon guys…we really need help building the scene here.

ill be down in may this year if anythings going down around then ^^

Hey! I’m from Regina and i’d like to get something going here in our city too or anywhere in Saskatchewan for that matter. We don’t really have any arcades here but we can figure something out I hope. If there are any players here in Regina or coming down from Saskatoon hit me up! My email is

Well I’m in WInnipeg not too far from you guys. If you guys are ever in town let me know and I’ll do the same if I’m ever in either of those places.

We’re thinking of holding a Sask tounry, first time too since I dont think the sask scene was ever big enough to hold a tourny. The details are not finalized yet, but Im hoping to lure some players out of hiding. Add me to your buddys list for more details. Im sure there are players out there, just a matter of looking.

The best 3s players are from SK

Midtown Plaza bitches!

You better believe it man…the cove isnt to bad by the way.

Jay has it all wrong, the best 3S players hail from Atlantic Canada…and Medicine Hat…

You couldn’t have done this a year and a half ago while I was in Saskatoon?

You have a lot of explaining to do. I played at the Cove at U of S from time to time.

Just curious but is “The Cove” an arcade? does it still exist? and if so what games does it have and do ppl still play there?

Baofu: Me and my buddy attempted a scene last year, in fact there was always interest even before I became involved but no one was ever oranganized enough for the scene to ever work out. When u do stop by stoon, drop me a line to get some games in with me and the other dudes here…addy is at the top.

Norman: The cove is arcade over at the U of S university, I dont frequent it but I do know they have a good variety of fighters ranging from 3S,CVS2,T5 and a few others that iv’e forgotten. If u stop by remember to get in touch, this whole"scene"thing is a lot harder then i intially thought.

Yeah I would really like to make a trip up there! I’m not sure how many sticks you guys have but I only have a CRAPPY PS2 one and one for dreamcast that pauses the game from time to time for some odd reason :confused: I don’t mind going to the university to play but obviously console would be cheaper and more convienent. We’ll have to set something up! Soon! The same invite to anyone else though to hit me up if you’re ever in Regina.

get ready to hear about the LORD, the future best player in saskatoon.

The Lord is coming.

Well I am the best player in stoon as it stands but I welcome this"Lord"person, its been awhile since ive had a good fight lol. Hey but give me heads up when the Lord does come, ill need some prep u know.

Norman, give me the word when u think of coming over so I can start setting things in motion here. I gotta get the guys organized here so we can do this right, ill admit that some of the players here do act like flakes sometimes.

Do you play marvel?

Nah not really, nothing really personal agaisnt the game or anything but peeps here usually prefer T5,3s and CVS2 a lot more. It would be worth getting into if there was enough interest, but as it remains my main is 3s followed by T5,cvs2 and Kof tittles…oh and Smash.

I play MVC2 but i’m not great or anything. I play almost anything out there. Rhaigo would a couple days notice be enough for you to get ppl together if I were to come? Not saying this week but if I let you know how long in advnce would you need? (just for work, school 'n shit)

Confederation Park Plaza in da house lol.