Saskatchewan Thread 2011


A new year which means a new thread and hopefully a new start for Sask. Let’s make this new year every bit as epic as last year:wgrin:

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LETS GO 2011!
Most likely going to be my first ‘real’ SF year (job, drivers license, possibly terrible car?)
No idea whats going to happen XD

The SRK GD Lounge: Dear Epidemic, my money's on the chimp

I know the feeling (new gal,new car, better pay and a new 360 head set lol). I also feel like this will be my first year as a legitimate SF player now that I have had experience agaisn’t the very best. I don’t know what’s gonna happen either but from all indications it should be pretty aweseome:woot:


I know the feeling (new gal,new car, better pay and a new 360 head set lol). I also feel like this will be my first year as a legitimate SF player now that I have had experience against the very best. I don’t know what’s gonna happen either but from all indications it should be pretty awesome:woot:

Edit: TTF is being pretty silly over the issue of "inviting me"to this upcoming local tournament so I figure I’ll help them out and resolve the whole issue now. First off my post was intended for eldon to read and it was in regards to organizing a tournament that I would like to be involved with so I sincerely hope no one is flattering themselves to much by thinking it was some passive aggressive attack or complaint on “insert here”. Like I said before there is a difference between describing the kind of qualities you look for in a venue to host a tournament and between complaining/bashing/insulting. As a example when I say a tournament venue “shouldn’t feel full beyond 8 people and should be to support multiple set-up’s” thats just me simply giving what I would look for in a tournament venue. Notice the lack of direct references to people or locations…reading comprehensive and context can go a long way. Therefore in the future I hope people can learn to “read” what I actually write before inferring what I say with this instant air of hostility…especially when people claim to be beyond me and all my so called garbage.

Secondly I already said I wouldn’t attend the tournament so I don’t even know why it was still being debated. I’m not interested and I don’t think it’s something worth my time and or effort…no disrespect intended of course as I’m just being honest. The space is too confined and I think the entry fee is to light, I also wasn’t a fan of the manner in which tournaments have been organized and structured beforehand…a bit to incoherent for my taste so no thanks. I’ll also add that It has nothing to do with what people think the reason is and if anything is pretty far removed from the?theories?im sure some people have,because believe it or not I am not as obsessively preoccupied with other people’s lives as they seem to be with mine. On that note even If I did decide to attend why would that be a cause for drama…that is unless a few people have certain hidden motives or something to that effect?. If I’m coming to pacticipate in a tournamet I don’t really care who is present, afterall I’ve put up with abuse from certain people whom I’m sure would be present anyways so doing so for a few extra hours wouldn’t flinch me or incite me to respond back. The way I look at is that I haven’t insulted or even hinted a offensive remark towards anyone either directly or indirectly for quite sometime, and I especially never called anyone a ?incredible douche? or complained about how I can’t stand there attitude…which brings me to my last point. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I’m playful and that I joke around a lot so like honestly… …get the stick out of your ass and learn to take a joke every now and then. Although with that said even if I wasn’t joking around it’s not like I said anything or did anything objectionable. it’s not dishonest to acknowledge that my reputation as a player wouldn’t be hindered or elevated through this local tournament. I’ve already proven myself where it counts and to the people who matter and most importantly I got the credentials to support my supposedly ?bad attitude?.

The bottom line is that I’m not coming to this tournament and while I can appreciate a narcissist as much as the next guy it looks like some people really need to get over themselves and get a life…so have a fun tournament and best wishes:)


New forum lets hope it stays drama free for a while lol. Lets get hype for the new year!. KOFXIII, MVC3 Get hype!


Damn right man, I’m bringing Sask to a new level this year…we will be on the map!



The Canada Cup Retrospective…you can see me at the 0:00 mark:)


3rd bump I know, but I had to so that we could avoid any confusion and get people posting on the right thread. This also gives me a chance to comment on a few things. First off dalton I’ll be perfectly blunt and say that it would be a waste of you’re guys time to come out for the 4 vs 4. The TTF’s tourny is shitty dude (a tiny space crammed with 10+ people…no thanks) and Im saying this with all jokes and trolling set aside, There’s nothing to gain from it and even if you guys do roll everyone there it would just be for fucking peanuts anwyays. Regardless, you can still come out to that if you want obviously but I want to offer you a alternative.

While I’d love to do that"King Of Sask"tourny I mentioned sometime ago I’ll be a little more realistic and just go for something I know will happen sooner. If you guys do want to come out here for some games then how about I make a chanllenge to the regina crew. 20$ Team match, all you’re guys vs me. Each of you’re guys puts up 20$, and I fight every member of you’re guys team by myself. If I lose even a single match then I lose the contest and have to pay each member 20$. However If I win I get 20$ from each one of you’re guys team, how does this sound? If 20$ is to low I can go higher of course and we can only do this at the education building.


Or, they could come for our tournament because it’s fun, and still play the Evo team at the education building.

Dalton has been to our shitty tiny space crammed with 10+ people, so he is aware.

For reference, at our last casual event we had umm… 11 or 12 people over I think. No one had a problem with the space, set ups, or people. Seems fine for us, I guess.


FFS, would you quit douche-ing up the new thread with your idiotic drama? Get over it, already! Maybe if you let it go and stopped acting like an asshole, people would actually be cool with you hanging around.

Anyways- looking forward to the tournament! Should be a good time. And the last meet up was a lot of fun, too. Will there be one this weekend?


I’m not planning an event for this weekend (15/16). Dustin was talking about wanting to get some games in on Saturday, so if anyone wants to play they should probably try to talk to him. :slight_smile:
Sunday is my birthday, so I’m not sure what my plans are Saturday yet, and Sunday my mom will be up all day so I will be busy. I don’t know if there’s anyone else that is interested in hosting lately. So. As of right now, next event will be tournament next Sunday. Get practised up! :smiley:


I’ve been at the events with more then 10+ people present so my evaluation isn’t based off a assumption but rather through my own experiences. With that said I’m maintaing my position because to this day I have yet to see any reliable argument to the contrary in regards to my comments, and at this point I’m not really going to try and convince you one way or the other…think what you want basically.

Kilf: Im calling it like I see it, and I don’t really give a damn what people think of me. On that note, if I was you I would remember the golden rule of"speak only if spoken to"or in this case don’t make yourself apart of equation especially if no one is talking about you or even looking your way…I dunno just my crazy suggestion:)


Uhh, pretty sure the golden rule is “don’t be a douche”. And because I have yet to see any reliable argument to the contrary, you are in fact the one who is a huge douche. I’ve talked to 10+ people, and they all agree you’re a douche. I’m calling it like I see it, and you are a douche.

TL;DR: You’re a douche.


QFT. Sorry :frowning: but really dude?!

  1. Trolling is classified as sitting on the forums and posting nothing productive. This includes posting with the intention of being insulting towards someone when it’s entirely unprovoked. Some people also post with the intention of doing nothing but irritating the mods. That accomplishes nothing and wastes too much bandwidth. Trollers who can’t post anything productive will be banned at anytime an administrator feels you are abusing the system.

You should know the forum rules, considerring you got me the warning.

This is the exact reason I created the other thread. nobody wants to post in yours, because you try to attack people, ANY chance you get. ANYWAYS, the only reasonable thing to do in this situation would be to just ignore you. so rest of saskatchewan, please don’t feed the troll. just ignore him, and he will go away.


also thanks ricardo for getting my thread closed, as I was trying to make this “sask” thing work, as you can never, and will never do.

You couldn’t wait for me to get to a computer to remane it, instead ran to the mods. I get it.

HOWEVER, I’m looking to host a tournament. I have a venue in mind, I just need help with information, and knowledge from some of the good people on SRK that have done this before. If anybody could lend me a few minutes of their time to post some basic knowledge for me, on setting up, advertising, and just generally running a tournament, it would be greatly appreciated.



I’ll say this 1 more time, if you or tara or anyone else decides to impose themselves on a situation that has nothing to do with you guys then that is you’re choice. I don’t care what anyone says and I won’t shy away from having a opinion. If you want to do a tournament and become this amazing player then go for it, if you want you’re own thread then name it the regina thread. Either way its all you’re choice…so yeah thats all I’ll say on that.


there is no situation, you attacked her. it was uncalled for, and i called you out on it, now you’re running your mouth trying to make me look bad about it.

yes, i am thinking about running a tournament.

did i once say i was an amazing SSF4 player? no. but i did beat you, so I guess you’re even less skilled then I.

anyways. talking to you on here is just gonna get my account banned, so this will be the last time I acknowledge your existence.


I said a small 2 bedroom apartment is not the ideal venue for a tournament or gaming community which is true. She can delude herself into thinking she lives in a mansion or that has all this amazing space with so many set-ups but facts are facts.

lol yeah when I was tired as hell and losing to everyone that night. Kind of funny how all the other times when I bodied you (like before CC and afterwards) just seem to go unnoticed by you for some reason. Oh and go ahead and tell everyone you beat me in a single match set to 5 rounds im sure everyone will be so impressed. By the way I’ve had sets with dustin where he won the first 2 games or so, and if we were to go by your logic that would have meant he was king of sask months ago. Anyhow do what you want dude, like I said I dont care.


Wooooo both wrestlers are cuttin promos for their money match at the upcoming apartment tourney!


Now let’s get back to our regularily scheduled broadcasting of “Ricky’s Diary”


I don’t understand why you would have to include your first paragraph. Why don’t you just run your event while the other group holds theirs? Promote your event however you like and let each respective player decide where they want to play. If you believe your event is superior, then your turn out should be fine. Why you feel the need to mention the other group is beyond me.