Saskatchewan Thread 2011


Getting my Spidey/X-23 up to speed, and leveling dat Nova and Hawkeye. Get at me.

Gods Garden is going to have a AE tourny with only the SF2 cast. Your take?

Anyone down for some UMVC3 tonight? Home all night kushed out lookin’ to get bodied lets go

Anyone on that new KOF? Shits amazing, online is pretty bad though, then again it seems no matter what game, as long as your in Canada you cant play out of province.

ok god damnit I cant help but want UMvC3 reaaaaallllly baaaaadly.
since my stick is pretty much bust after the year of abuse and it being a fairly cheap stick, anyone know if theres anywhere in sask that sells TE’s/any good sticks in general? I think EB Games carried them forever ago, but Im sorta doubting they will now.
Shipping to Canada is going to rape my funds considering I totally quit my job. Fuck money, sleep all winter for the last time I will in my life for a long time.

EDIT: Actually, screw UMvC3, imma play 2012 until Skullgirls, then maybe get KoF13 later.

Last time I called EB games they had Madcatz sticks (Pretty sure they were tourny edition). Same goes with high tech game traders if you are from saskatoon.

If you don’t like any of the sticks sold there, you can try . They are based in vancouver so it’ll be alot cheaper than shiping from the US. I think Chaocten ordered a stick from there before and he said it was good.

Imma be hitting up EB then. Over the phone of course.
Im guessing you mean the one in midtown right? I think thats the only one in Sask that I know of… I could definately be wrong though.

In saskatchewan? No theres alot of EB stores.

I meant sask as in Saskatoon, but after thinking about it, I think there’s 2 here I’ve been to atleast here.

Those 250 dollar game traders TE sticks.

local businesses using markup to make profit? SUCH A SHAME.

add burzy306 if anyone wants to get some games in!

Don’t TE sticks go for 160 >_> Thats a pretty big mark up

Pretty sure retailers buy the TEs for around 70-90, markup to 250 is batshit.

according to EBs website, they sell/used to sell TEs for 120. So lol.
But I tend to not buy from Hightech due to my experiences of being way overpriced anyways, unless they had some rare games.

That’s what I paid for mine at EB when they first came out $120.

So, any hype for 2012? … anyone?

im pretty excited for it, but i wont get to play it until im done exams @_@

I’m done with AE. ON THAT MARVEL SHIT.

games in regina tonight, merlins new crib!!

How is the netcode in the new marvel?
Improved? Playable at least? Better than AE?