Saskatchewan Thread 2013


Someone hasn’t done this already? Does anyone know when the next U of S tournament is at this point?

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bahaha, it *just *dawned on me that since it’s now 2013 there was probably a new thread made. And here I am. I have to admit though, I almost expected no thread anyway despite it being 10 days.


Are there any SF/Marvel tourneys in Saskatoon? Just discovered this thread.


As far as I know (and I could very well be out of the loop here), not much is happening in Saskatoon. I know a few of us play online, not sure if any still play offline casuals. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any tourneys here. Regina on the other hand I *think *plays offline a decent bit more, but I’m not really too sure. And I think they play more MK9 than either of those (again, not too sure, just going on the little I know).


Regina still got some games goin every now and then. Some peeps still on SF4, Marvel, MK9 and ST, but interest varies right now.

We ain’t fuckin wit dem anime games but I am playing Persona 4 Golden right now.


Casuals still happen often in Saskatoon. Mostly GG and SF4.


Hi guys.

My break is over, and now I intend on getting back to work.

I am looking for responses on when would be a good time to host a tournament. I’m specifically wanting Calgary (Imagine4d) and Winnipeg (Shane, I’m sure you could wrangle a consensus date from chipdamage re: when would be a good time for you guys to come here.) and of course the saskatoon and regina guys.

We’ve had a long enough break since the last tourney (too long but I was a bit burnt out after hosting our tourney and going to Canada Cup in such a short amount of time, as well as still recovering from it financially. I’m going to give it a week from today for everyone to get at me with dates, I want to have a venue and date set for 2-3 weeks from now.

Thanks everybody for your help, in advance.



Hey burzy, I’m done for coming down from saskatoon any weekend in january, february will be a bit more touch and go though as I have a lot of midterms and term projects that month.

As far as saskatoon goes, I’m fairly certain there is going to be lan tournament at the U of S this month, with a fighting game side tournament. No details posted yet though afaik


I’m thinking its gonna be early spring. I want to have time to plan and not just rush everything. I also want to set a date early enough to allow out of towners a chance to come if it makes sense for them. I messed up last time and was able to talk to Shane and James and get some advice from them over the course of Canada Cup weekend and want enough time to actually be comfortable with whats up.


Thats a good idea for sure. March is probably a better month than february though, February is going to be midterms for all the university students and april will be finals. March might be essays and term projects I guess. May is most clear for university/post secondary students I guess, but thats fairly far off. As i said, unless it horribly conflicts with something I’ll do my best to make it down.


Yeah I’m thinking May area with roads being clear and travel being ideal. It is a bit off but atleast gives me time for ample planning as well as giving out of towners a better opportunity to come back.

Today I was walking down the hall at the university and I looked over and saw the post match SSF4AE screen (the rematch screen) on a TV. I left my contact information in front of the console and got a text from them. He told me they play at the UofR in the engineering lab and that he also has a few friends outside of school that play. We might have some new faces…


Speaking of new faces, My friends in Regina are getting into fighting games. They are new to the genre but they are showing some improvement. The community is getting bigger


If you’re curious about Winnipeg, our tournaments in the Spring/Summer period usually happen during the months of March, May, June and August with May and August being our biggest ones (BaseLan/TST) and July of course being Evo month. I’d say it doesn’t really matter for us though so long as it’s not on the same weekend as one of our tournaments, that the road conditions are good (ie: not Winter) and we have enough time to know what the set date is. I would definitely avoid the July/August tournament season because that’s just way too hectic and everyone’s drained but it seems like you already have that covered.


hey a few of us play in flin flon we’re not that good but have fun drinking and playing i think like 3 or 4 of us would possibly be able to make it down for a tournament if we could get the time off work, if we have a good amount of time knowing beforehand


The regina starcraft community (basically the people from saskgamers) went full esports on us.

Its airing on the access channel on feb 14th at 11 pm if anyone is interested in it.


is anyone playing sf x t?


I was wondering that too, specifically is regina playing SFxT? Is it likely for the tourney in the spring?


If you or anyone wants to destroy a terrible sfxt player on 360 my tag is Bearbombing


umm. the thing about XT is that it takes FOREVER to run in a tourney setting, combined with how boring it was. If there is demand, I will open it up to a vote to bring XT back, but as of now I’m gonna stay quiet on that subject. Our main schedule is AE/UMVC3/ST/MK at the moment. We could do a vote to see who wants it and if there is enough interest we could bring it back. It seemed to me last time people were just playing it to support the tournament, and not because they actually ENJOYED playing SFxT, and the attitude was they would be playing marvel or AE if XT wasn’t in that spot, combined with the fact that there are quite a few people who enjoy ST, and the fact that we have the hardcore MK guys that always rep their game it would be difficult for me to want to move any of these games. ST keeps things smooth and moving quickly.

However, my vote is no for SFxT. right now we’re at 2-1 for yes SFxT, so just post what you want.


whens the date for this tournament