Saskatchewan Thread 2014


For when we need it…

By the way, I’m in Regina now, and if any of you go to UoR… you should let me know. Or somethin’. And games should be had.

Regina, Sask?

Links to Saskatoon stuff:
UofS Gamers Club - monthly tournaments hosted at regular events. Focus on SSFIV and Smash(mainly Brawl)
Saskatoon FGC FB page
Super Smash Bros Saskatchewan


Was gonna say that the "scene"is now on FB.

Heard it was mostly a casual experience though and last time I looked into 1 of the gatherings it was BB and marvel so it doesn’t seem as big on SF4 like the old community was.


I don’t even know what you mean by “casual experience”

Losha, I go to UofR everyday except friday.

We tend to still have game nights occasionally, when Norman’s in town.


When I talked to 1 of the dudes who organizes the event he told me they mainly just have a bunch of setups with people playing at random. No real effort to improve or organize shit beyond just casual matches. I also asked around about the casuals they run from time to time and the impression I got is that SF4 wasn’t really a big deal and the effort was more towards smash and other games. I could be wrong and maybe things changed since then but given that everything I’ve ever said on these boards has been true Im willing to stand by my previous comments.


I want to hold a SF4 and UMVC3 tourney in Regina, Sask but I don’t know who lives in the area? Is anyone interested?


I’d be down. Probably. Would depend on the time and place and stuff, but in general I probably would be.

But, you (might) have more luck asking on the FB page than on here. (the link is in batatgames post if you aren’t already in it… and if you’re not, I could ask for you/you should join it :stuck_out_tongue: )


But isn’t batagames post for Saskatoon? I am hoping to find a community in Regina so I have people to play against to prepare for EVO.


You’re totally right, and I didn’t even notice that until you mentioned it now. Ahaha. My bad.

As for us Reginians, I have no idea… as far as I know, there’s more MK than SF or MvC, but I know for sure there are some awesome SF players around somewhere.

Of course, there’s also me, but I wouldn’t consider myself too great (especially now that I don’t have as much free time to play, plus no xbox gold. Haha)


I play PS anyways but the game doesn’t change regardless of platform. I was hoping we had some sort of FGC here.


Speaking of Saskatoon, was great to see everyone new at the last Gamers Club event at USask last month! There’s gonna be another event on February 28th, games TBD but you can for sure expect SSFIV and some sort of Smash as well as some sort of Anime game. An event will be made on the Facebook Page sometime in the near future.
Also, I’m roommates with the Video Game coordinator for Saskatoon Blitz, and it sounds like he wants to plan something for that. Last year there was an impromptu SF4 and Melee tournament and he wants to expand on that. Stay tuned.


You , Hollywood and Merlin still playing??


That’s the thing about S’toon: The actual “serious” scene is all of maybe 15 people, and even then there isn’t a single game that all of us play. We’re probably Street Fighter-oriented, but anime games are really popular as well on a more casual level.

Then again, this is coming from a guy who tries to be competitive at SF, KoF, BB, TTT2, and Smash all at once.


I just play SF, Smash and UMVC3 competitively but hoping to also do BlazBlue because its in EVO this year.


Would be cool if we could host an event at this comic expo in regina

One of the people involved with that said that they were interested in hosting a gaming event but they were working out the details.


As long as either SF or UMVC3 was there I’d pay to play at it.


Is anyone playing KI?


Rik you’re an embarrassment.


Hey its called entertainment!

I cant help that the public loves me;)


Anyone down for a couple of SF or UMVC3 sets this weekend?